Happy New 2014

So! Where were we?

Hello and Happy New Year to you all. Hope you managed to get a dose of Christmas Baebes-ness through the radio airwaves on Christmas day.

A lot of time has passed and this 2014 is well under way. I have even managed to squeeze in a week in Iceland, and am incredibly happy to report that I, on the very first night of 2014, managed to see the MOST extraordinary and beautiful display of the Aurora Borealis. Happiness abounds. However, I had imagined that this experience would’ve been somewhat still and calm and atop a snowy mountain, where all sound was dulled perfectly due to the powdery snow surrounding us (in my mind there are only about 4 people there) and that we all encounter some sort of incredibly poignant moment of pure epiphany whilst looking up at the Northern lights with gentle tears of awe rolling down my cheeks. However, in reality there were about 200 people, we were all piled out on to a very smelly iced over and dangerously slippery lava field in the dark, whilst enduring 38 miles per hour freezing winds in the face, much akin to being pelted with frozen rocks…in the face, it was so cold that i could not get my gloves off to get my camera out, and then we had to fiddle about to sort out the exposure of the camera THEN had to kneel on the icy solid ground to lean the camera against a rock to get a good photo, all this whilst the sound of the bitter wilderness is tearing about your face and ears creating a horribly ferocious sound, and all you can think is ‘I just want to get back on the bus, it is warm and I can see the lights through the window’. But, romance prevails and no one got back on to any of the many buses and we all stood about for an hour, watching the beauty of the sky, whilst various extremities began to freeze solid.

This is the best picture that I took…..



Anyhooooo, back to the Baebes. What other way would we want to spend Christmas eve and Christmas day than with each other! What a wonderful seasonal time we shared together. Even though it seemed a little bit insane having to get up at 4.00am on Christmas eve and sit – thankfully – in a cab and try hard to achieve some sort of vocal clarity that early in the morning.  I have no idea where the studios were or where we were whisked too that day, but we were dressed and made up (even with a wee ‘touch up’ from the studio make up peoples, I really must get some mac, it truly is the best make-up) by some ridiculous time in the morning, maybe we were ready at 7.00 or something – we had to be, so that we could run in to the studio whenever the commercial breaks came on, so that we could rehearse when they were off air. All this LIVE business is like tip toeing around on egg shells.


In and out and in and out we ran, we did three rehearsals in all and then 8.20 came and it suddenly dawned on us that we were not just performing ‘Ding Dong’ to the people that we could see straight in front of us in the studio, but that we were to be beamed across the nation on peoples tellybobs to be seen LIVE, and there was no going back. ’tis a different thing to being on stage indeed. However, the lights were fab and our dresses shone out as well as our shimmering mac covered cheekbones, and we were so happy to have Jenny and Kavus there instrumentaling along, and then we finished and that was that! I squeezed in a little chat with Kate Garraway, I recalled an evening that she had spent dancing along to me instructing her and many others at a Barn dance and then we were whisked off set.

Back in the dressing room we had a wee rehearsal for the big Radio 2 Christmas day extravaganza and then we all got picked up and driven home. Taxi’s (legit real ones, not the scary ones of the adverts) really are fab.

Oh and then it was Emilys birthday – well that whole day was Emilys birthday…..So an evening visit to the public house was in-store, however, so was an early night as we had to get to the Radio 2 building in town for 7.00. Quick celebrations then, oh yes! We watched Ghostbusters and the second that Emily popped her head onto the sofa cushion she started to snore, immediately. ZZZzzzzzzz

Christmas DAY…… Wooosh, there we were all in the reception area, all excited and pre Christmas morningy. Then we were taken, by the producers husband, who doesn’t even work in radio, but had chosen to spend the morning there with his wife and help out, bless him, all whilst wearing the most awesome Christmas jumper…he took us to the room upstairs which has the Elton John signed piano in it! There we waited and then went into the studio pre 8.00am to do a little sound check and then Clare Balding arrived and away we went….Again we were snuck in and out of the studio when the recorded pieces were on, with much ‘ssshhing’ and tip toeing about, until we were allowed to open our lungs and sing out to the rest of the UK on Christmas day! Waiting was also fun, there was a polar bear ornament, just big enough to have a lenthgy photo session with, however, the photos will only be up loaded to the ‘Subscribe only’ blog (still obviously only a fantasy page). I was a little bit disappointed by the BBC’s lack of catering for us though, we were offered a mince pie and a tin of Quality Street – this was breakfast and henceforth the only food we could get our hands on, because central central London, on Christmas day has NO open food outlets, and thus when I arrived to my Christmas day dwelling I was almost half dead through starvation. 

But we had a joyous time together and, because it was Christmas day, and we had pre booked cabs at pretty much 10.00 am on the dot, we were suddenly all gone in all separate directions and that was that . But we did manage to squeeze in our Secret Santa, which I think by the time we had managed to pop the presents under our adopted tree we had already worked out who had given who what, but it was a lovely moment and perfectly rushed and hectic, hurray!!!


Now we are meeting with next year in mind and we have a lot of lovely things to be thinking about. Oh and in the next blog I may be able to talk about the lovely thing we did in November which we have not been allowed to talk about until it has been released in Jan. Woop.


Hope this 2014 has started well, and off I go to work on this fine Saturday….Hidden in a dark den controlling a dark world from beneath the peoples feet.



Well, hello Gloucester.

Time whizzes by so fast, right now, as I sit on my sofa, I know I should be out looking for the three separate Secret Santa’s that I need to buy for tomorrow – However, I also feel the need to remember our last three shows, No! Four, see I have already forgotten.


First up was, the wonderous Gloucester, in my mind this was the one with the gurneys. I love a good gurney, but alas nay – that was still one whole cathedral away. Gloucester has the ‘Cloisters’ (this word is sailing very close to one of my most despised words, purely because of the combination of consonants), however, one simply cannot deny the beauty of these cloisters….Oh and the secret lush greenery of the inner quadrant.


So beautiful and of course, where Harry Potter was filmed – well some of it, and if you look on the popular video viewing channel on the ehthernet know as ‘You Tube’ you can see a family made video of their visit to the cathedral, where they get a guided tour of where and what was filmed at various spots. This particular video has been cut with scenes from the actual films, too. I just watched the whole 4.31 mins. (its called Harry Potter and Gloucester Cathedral…shhhhh). ANYWAY, This is where we have the largest dressing room, with a massive table each, and here is a picture of Sarah at her, what we call, ‘Station’.



As you can see, A LOT of space. And even room for Darren, our driver, to have an incredibly LOUD sleep on the floor too. We had a lot of time in here as, this time of year the Cathedrals are filled with the amazing Evensong between 5 and 6 so we do our load in, then pootle about for a bit waiting for the time when we can soundcheck before the show. Gloucester centre was not incredibly open or available for shopping however Emily and I did manage to find ourselves a couple of little gems in the ‘Help for Heroes’ Charity shop.

This was Ems favourite……..





And this eloquent little beauty was my favourite…….



Yes, I too was surprised.


Anyhoo…….Back to the Cathedral, sound check time came around and we were amazed at how our voices swam around the space like resonant heat-seeking missiles, almost boomeranging back to us. It is so extraordinary how different each show is and how long it takes to get the balance right of the vocals and the band, it is all fine tuning and tweaking. It can be unsettling at first, but then the PA settles in and our sound man smooths out as much as he can, and all is well – when 6 voices are amplified inside an incredibly cavernous stone building then it is going to sound, especially when there is no one soaking up the sound, like spirits swarming around very fast like a chaotic soup of colour and sound.


Again we were thrilled to meet as many of our audience as possible at the signings and then it was soon time to get back in the van and zoom off to our luxury suites awaiting us at the Travelodge down the road, no expense spared, thank you Maurice ;). This was our last stay away so we decided to re-inact a scene from ‘the most awkward nightclub in the world’ film (which has not yet been made and may never be, but it is alright because we know what it looks like and it is going to be a rubbish film anyway, so probably best). Main points of note were, trying to dance to Katkins playlist which was coming out of her phone very quietly, people awkwardly standing about in the corners of the room, whilst others were dancing to tiny music, some people dancing with the wall – Thank you Anna, and all done in the tiny patches of floor which were around the third spare bed/mattress which was in the middle of the floor and didn’t need to be there at all anyway. Then everyone went off into the bright bright corridors and that was that.


The next morning arrived and there we were, in the countryside somewhere, surrounded by a very busy motorway on one side and our Travelodge and a Starbucks on the other side. With no other option we one by one arrived at their counter, ordered coffee and something to eat and then we sat for a bit. Poor Katkins was very upset that morning, having woken up with impacted wisdom tooth pain, which had taken over the inside of her mouth, so it was operation ‘get Kat to the docs immediately’ so they went off in Maurice’s car ahead to Peterborough, requesting the rabbity rabbity-ness of Kavus, Torabi FM to keep her distracted from the pain in her mouth. And then we all followed in the big van, my Spanish ‘Duolingo’ app is SO excellent for long van journeys. Today was leaning all about how ‘I do no touch meat’ and ‘your cats eat pasta’ Thrilling, I cannot wait to start flashing about my Spanish sentences!


Time has trotted on faster than I had hoped, this morning – Time to get my secret santa shopping on. Next instalment – Peterborough, Bracknell and London…… Until next time, mañana.


Leicester and Norwich. hello.



Look at that amazing vaulted ceiling. That is the very beautiful and very long Norwich Cathedral…..But enough of that for now. We need to begin at the beginning.

So Friday was our trip to Leicester, the lovely WARM and cosy Leicester cathedral. We arrived in town a little later than our ETA but we did manage to make our Cafe Nero date on time and we were greeted by the wonderful Sally Passmore, and her chap. Sally had the video tripod ready to go, and it was a great moment of solidarity betwixt us and our fans V’s the other people in Nero’s who had no idea what was going on and didn’t pay that much attention, although we did have a couple of lovely smiling faces and a few other happy snappers documenting our Leicester Nero debut. Naturally we got to take away a free hot drink and off we disappeared into the Christmassy night.

Now, Leicester is a nice looking place – having never been there before – it has a lot of old lovely buildings AND of course, the market. Clarey had previously spotted the Christmas jumper stall on the way to Neros and so we made a bee-line (just double checked the spelling/meaning, oh how I do like that phrase and its wee meaning) back to said stall, and there Clarey purchased her Christmas jumper. I was so taken with the array of choices that I too indulged.


The angle of this picture makes the poor penguin look rather dim witted, its not, its just a bad representation. The hat was courtesy of  Emily, who insisted I had to wear the hat, especially for the soundcheck. Anyway, interestingly this very cheap completely wool-free jumper is INCREDIBLY warm, hot even, perhaps a little too hot, but good for wearing in enormous stone palaces.

So today in Leicester we had the gorgeous Anna Tam playing with us again, and tomorrow we have a new line up in the band, but this was the ‘America tour’ line up so we were happy to be all together once again, so much so that there was jumping-a-plenty in the dressing room – An incredible dressing room with a huge table and lots of space AND a full length mirror – that is not so common, rather oddly, in our usual rooms at the Cathedrals. Back to the jumping, what I mean is that Kavus likes to think he can jump much higher than anyone else, and with his incredibly long pins he is not far wrong, however, he is rather regularly challenged by Paul, and so todays challenge began with ‘I can jump over this chair’ (this includes the backrest of the chair, not just the seat) to ‘Well, can you jump over those tables’ – Anyway I am not fashioned well enough with the ability to animate this page with the right collection of words with which to describe the action, but I do have a video, which will remain on my phone and not on you tube – however, that could be another little tidbit for the ‘subscription only’ blog ;)

After the excitement of no one getting injured by jumping over things, we went on stage. There was a lovely big house of people sat in all different directions, all facing the right way but some of the lines of seats were perpendicular to the stage – but we were assured during the signings that everyone had perfectly good sight lines. Tonights set list was broken up into half carols and half traditional MB numbers x 2. This was a new direction for us, and one we are still trying to decide which is best. And the crowd, as usual, were there for us – in ‘the gods’ (can I say that? In a cathedral, is there ‘the gods’ or is that just in the theatre, as I am sure to have a plural god in a cathedral is wrong, OK I am just going to say ‘In the balcony’ but now I have said it and I may as well keep it there and not say ‘in the gods’ again) we saw the silouhette of our chum Sally Passmore once again, who was up the top taking pics and celebrating each song with hands in the air, it was like our mosh pit, but in the balcony . We ran on for the encore and then it was all over, so we swooshed straight over to the signing table, cloaks on our shoulders to keep us snuggly and we had the pleasure of meeting all our lovely audience, one little girl – bedecked in our new tee-shirt – sat right at the front and was enraptured, she sat so still we were all amazed, it was her first concert and according to her mum and grandma she had been excited for a VERY long time, and she watched eyes-a-bright. She currently does ballet and tap, I told her never to give up tap. I hope she doesn’t – not that I ‘tap’ (darlings its called Appalachian flatfooting).

Then we were all hungry and alas we were too late for a massive group dinner, Leicester didn’t manage to serve our needs however, some of us went to have a curry and some of us settled for a pint and some chips and then we all trundled off to the glamour of our roadside boudoirs which, this night, took the form of the ‘Travelodge’, which has no bar – but all is not lost, we were very close to a Little Chef so the morning was taken care of! However, there was a vending machine, which, according to the digital display was -21c inside! That is very cold, and in actual fact, the average temperature of a freezer is -18c (no idea where I am meant to get the little ‘o’ from here, so just pretend there is one there please) ANYWAY, eating a Double Decker was like biting into a cold piece of wood, I was a bit fearful for my gold cap there for a bit.

Morning arrives

The Sun shines

Little Chef provideth

(and double provides as it is the 55th birthday and all the staff were in Christmas jumpers – damn where was mine when I needed it)

American style breakfast (although slightly soggy pancakes is never very good)

Back in the van – Bye bye to Anna Tam

Woosh – Norwich, a couple of hours later. The van was rife with set list shuffle discussions, as well as our concern for young people and how their levels of communication are seemly within another realm to ours what with social networking and the access to the internet almost inside our own eyeballs.


Set list discussion with Katkins and Clarey. So much fiddly widely – and every now and again I pop my head over and make sure that I am not flatfooting immediately before having to sing ‘Musa Venit Carmine’.

Today is very exciting as we have a new set list as well as a NEW member of the band – Now, I have been a very busy lady and thus have not yet been to a full band rehearsal and not yet met our new musician. However, for now we must wait as we have food to find and eat and about 17 churches to look at – NORWICH HAS SO MANY CHURCHES!! And – as I exclaim this once again to a friend – I find that Norwich is the most haunted county of all.

Emily and I managed to search and find a wee cafe with wifi as we had some exciting internet business to tend to. ‘And what was that?’ I hear you ask – well of course it was none other than our video being unleashed onto the internet. Finally our ‘We Three Kings‘ video is out and we had to share that baby as much as we could across as many platforms as we were able, over a pesto and mozzarella panini.

Then we were, once again, summoned to the Norwich Cafe Nero and performed ‘The Angel Gabriel’, ‘Gaudete’ and ‘There Is No Rose Of Swych Vertu’. We had a lovely lady come and sit very close to watch us, and the man in the back, sat in the alcove with his child, hummed along in a very resonant way which was a little bit too out of tune, and a bit too resonant. Anyway, as Emily pointed out, there is nothing quite like approaching the emotional climax of ‘There is No Rose’ just as someone starts to froth up a cappuccino. The fact that they didn’t turn off the background music didn’t really matter what with all the whizzing and banging. But it was all ok as Emily, just beforehand, had purchased herself a Christmas jumper and popped it on for the Nero gig and all was made better. There are now three in the band. How long until the other girls cannot resist a large comedy reindeer face upon’t their fine feminine fronts.

Norwich Cathedral is so very long and so very gorgeous. I love the way the heat comes out of the metal guttered areas, and the light and the height, AND especially love to have an acoustic rehearsal with our NEW band member (I am going to spell this phonetically as I really don’t how it is spelt) Yeyair Avadoor, on the Bass Lute/Theobre, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Oh no, sorry I am very distracted, Michael Buble is on the radio. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I REALLY do not enjoy the Buble. Oh god, he’s not even using real words, he’s just going ‘uhhhh, yeahhh, hmmmmunah, phhoo swaaanngg, buuuhhluhhh’. He did say he had a lot to drink last night. NO EXCUSE.

Back to Norwich, YES Yeyair, now if you have never seen this particular instrument before then you really need to wrap your eyes around that baby because it really is something of another dimension – well an Early Music dimension. What IS odd is that on Thursday night I was sat, at a party, watching David Monrow videos, and discovered, for the first time, the Theobre/Theobor/Tiobor/Bass Lute.

This is the video and the Bass Lute is 1.04 mins in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rNBNPBYZ3M. AMAZING and that is what we have now int he band…….AMAZING. So we had a rehearsal before the show and it sounded like the cathedral was soon covered in caramel.


Can you make out the neck of the Bass Lute? No? Well here was my view.


Yes, dangerous, but useful.

The Norwich gig was a full first set of carols and then the second set was Trad MB songs and then an encore of Coventry Carol and then Ding Dong Merrily on High….Now, a) It was very very cold, but joy of joys my far-too-hot-for-the-summer red dress with its sleeves suddenly reversed its game and was the Best thing to be wearing. Alas all the other ladies were very cold, in fact in the white dress I think I gained several new layers of fat on the backs of my arms whilst they tried to counter attack the cold. However, it was so beautiful and we were with a full house of lovely lovely fans. b) The encore was the most awesome encore, as I think they (the peole in charge of the big doors) thought we were done, so someone opened the HUGE doors at the front, so we were at the end of this tunnel of night air, and as we sang ‘Coventry Carol’ the world was right there in front of us in all its wintery light and yellow glow, it felt like our song was being carried out into the air, Joy, although the song is not joy but the concept of it flying out into the world was…..blah bah, you know what I mean.

Signing time, once again we were situated by the door, not really sure why that happens, but thanks to the cloaks and Katkins fetching her medicinal bottle of whiskey, it was bearable. So many new lovely people to meet and have our picture taken with, in front of the aforementioned tree……And then we were whisked off by Darren our van man, all the way back home. Fortunately there is a bed in the back so Emily, having recently been a bit vommy managed to get herself a little lie down, while the rest of us loudly put the world to rights, actually, due to tiredness and the medicinal whiskey, I can’t remember what we were loudly talking about but I definitely remember eating purple spouting broccoli.

Word on the Baebes street is that in Norwich a lady went up to Pam (our managers lovely lady wife who does all the merchandise stall selling) and told her that during ‘Jennets Song’, all the Pendle witches were there. Believer or not, goosebumps crawl feverishly across all available skin.

And so we all rest – when we can – in preparation for this coming Friday in Gloucester and Saturday in Peterborough. This week has been a fine week, these two gorgeous gigs, as well as our BBC radio interview marathon, one of which I believe you can find here……http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01mv0xr.


See, look how excited we were, I managed to snap two ‘selfies’ in the making. We covered Radio Berkshire, Radio Leicester and Radio Cambridge in just under 2 hours, songs et al….So keep your ears peeled (yes yes I know) for us on your local Beeb radio.

Happy Festiveness to you all wherever you are…..it is foggy on the canal today and the sun is eeking through and I am imagining it is VERY cold out there today, I may have to don my incredibly synthetic penguin jumper again just to keep me warm and flammable.

Hello Guildford and the Christmas Tour


Where: Guildford Holy Trinity Church.

When: Thursday the 21st November.

Temperature: FREEZING.

Solution to beating the cold: Bernadette Mills’ Amazing fleece lined, crushed velvet cloaks. 

So the tour has begun, well the first show has been and gone and now we are all set and ready for the rest of our tour, especially now we have our cold combatting cloaks! We loaded up into our VERY swish new van. This baby has reclining seats, our own personal and controllable heating system, a table WITH cup holders, DVD player, USB charger and a neon sign on the back wall which can either be pink or blue…oh and hold on, I almost forgot……a bed (well it is more of a padded parcel shelf but Darren the driver sleeps on it and says it is fine).

Guildford seemed very happy today, as today was the day of the Christmas lights, Bonnie Langford was set to grace the balcony with her teeny frame and flick the switch – as it were – later that eve. So, we were treated to reindeers, elves, balloons and a lot of Newfoundland dogs decorated and attached to tinsel covered carts, not entirely sure what they were meant to be pulling in those carts but I am pretty sure they are not really built for that. THEN we had the joy of performing a one off little afternoon set in Cafe Nero. So off we swooshed down the street, all red dresses and flowers in hair. We met Sarah and Clarey, who had been hiding out in the disabled toilet, in the cafe. There is NO END to the glamour of this band. And we were placed in front of the big windows to sing three a cappella (Thank you Bill and everyone else) songs for the customers. We are doing this because the wonderful people at Nero have agreed to play our album in store and so over the next month we shall be descending upon various Neros’s as soon as we arrive in whichever town, to serenade the mothers, babies and old chaps with their teas and steaming hot cappuccinos. 

Then, via the shop to get some heavy duty thermal tights we wandered back to the church, which was actually heated, to our great joy and surprise. We are hoping that this tour starts as it means to go on and that somehow each Cathedral has been blessed with wonderful new heating systems, but alas, I think probably not, and so we shall dream of tights with in-built heating systems and we will eat Ready Brek at every possible moment to ensure total insulation and an orange external glow to fight off the cold advancing at us from all angles. It is just the stone cold floors that really start the freezing process off, many a ballet pump may be viewed under our long dresses however, some of the Baebes like to keep it natural to the max, and insist, even if we were outside, that naked feet is the way. Fortunately due to my foot percussion ways, I get to – sometimes – keep my shoes on, but there really is something odd about the sensation of ones feet on freezing concrete/marble slabs, and the way that the deep dark coldness seeps into your bones from your sole into your soul. And so anyone who has developed a foot covering that does not look massively like a shoe but is also fleece lined and prevents the hundreds years of freeze that has penetrated the cathedral stone from getting into our bodies, is most welcome to ask us to test them out.

Anyway where were we? Yes! Guildford, we were warmer than we thought and so vocally we were happy. Alas though, we were one down in Guildford, as Esther was very poorly. So we went on without her, and even though the incredible Anna Tam was there to lend us her beautiful vocal tones, the line up was not complete and we missed our wee Dee very much. However, we trooped onward and upward. It was our first themed-to-the-seaon gig of the year and so we were all sleigh bells and Ding dongs, and we are yet to unleash more carols into the world, but we thought we would try out a few before the season really hits its apex of total Christmas-ness. And, after a lot of hanging about, then sound check, then listening to the town getting excited about the lights, and then the horrific bangs of the fireworks (really am the only person I know with a genuine firework fear (which, in double brackets, is very uncharacteristic), it has built up over the years, mainly because when I was young a wooden stake, the size of my friends child, landed in between me and my friend. This was from a FIREWORK. Now, had that actually hit someone, it would have most definitely been like a scene out of Peter Jacksons ‘Bad Taste’ film. What goes up must come down and I can’t wait until they design a firework that does not need a piece of wood to be attached to it in order for it to soar high into the sky, only then to have to return to earth). After all that we did our show, we then signed our new album and then packed up and left in our swish new van, to be delivered home by the wonderful Darren.

It was VERY exciting signing our new album and yesterday we discovered that we had gone straight in to Number 8 in the Classical Album Charts (whoops only meant to make the ’8′ bold, but actually we are very pleased so I thought I would leave it bold). And so we hope that we will see it grow and grow. Now I must gather my things and meet the ladies on the Southbank a bit later today as we have a very lovely engagement of which I shall not disclose now. BUT you WILL get to see us in the ‘DW sessions’ for the Sun online very soon, as well as lot’s of other wonderful live TV and Radio dates further into the season. But for now, do feel free, should thou be compelled, to request a tune from our album to be played on BBC Classic FM, as we should be delighted for the air time and Christmas will rain (reign?) down on us all in the most delightful way. I love this album so much and I feel like I have tinsel in my ears every time I hear it.

Until very soon, happy end of NOV bring on DEC. x

The Launch


And so, above, you will notice Emily-the-fairylight-queen adorning the wonderful alcove space in the Swiss Church, Covent Garden, where we launched our new album ‘Of Kings and Angels’ on to the world, last Monday. What a beautiful event indeed, We had home made Christmas cake and mince pies and mulled wine courtesy of our wonderful Sara Silver and Maurice kept the troublemakers out (or perhaps that was ‘in’, bearing in mind the amount of nearest and dearest we had with us).


We sang three accapella (oh! My spell check tells me this is the wrong spelling, but does not offer any other alternatives – Napoleon said ‘bring me solutions not problems’, spellcheck you are disappointing) – Anyway we all know Acapella is spelt with one ‘C’ (now it is saying that is wrong too, and is offering me ‘apace’ instead) Arghh, I digress, obviously. The three songs were “The Angel Gabriel’ ‘Gaudete’ and “There is no rose’. Now, had you been there you would agree with me that it was like having chocolate poured into your ears – Purely because it was the MOST amazing acoustic. It was so watery and thick that I almost could not decipher betwixt voices, nearly sending me a little off in another direction, but I managed to colour code the voices being received into my ears and all was well. Ah the joys of synesthesia. So we sang and goosebumps were raised and it was a wonderful joy to sing in there, and as I looked across to my gang of peoples I felt like having a proud wee sob, as many of them had never seen us, and that was the BEST place in which to indulge ones auditory senses.


Oh and then off we ventured into the Westend, however, our special skill of being able to loose each other in a very small section of the world was strong that night and, as usual, information was lost along the way. We almost separately ended up in 6 different venues, thus ensuing half an hour of madly texting and chasing each other about town. However, there was a large number of us, with many an ex-Baebe in tow (it was a luscious fest of ladies, with Rabbit, Melpomoni, Ruth, and a double Nicole-age with Sleety and Frobusch) with partners and friends, and such as life, it is always a bit like herding chicken. However we finally managed to get most of us in one place alas minus Esther and Clarey then we zoomed off in cabs to a new little members club in Camden town, we swiftly gulped down a big gin in then, via the falafel King, we wended our ways home. All class and style.


And so we are launched and the tour begins. With a swish new van, some velvet cloaks and hopefully a range of thermals in colours that match our dresses.





Well hello Winter and all that comes with it.

BBbbbrrrr, and so the gloves are new (hard to find a ‘real wool’ pair these days!) and a new poncho was purchased just this very day. All  is being prepped for the up-coming evenings spent moving about in the seasonal chill of Crimble-tide.


So, the States were amazing, those 2 weeks were joy filled and passed all too quickly and now we have slid down the thermometer and find ourselves plunging into the candlelit darkness of stone walled buildings of great majesty and filled with the scent of cinnamon and mulled wine. All that with no punctuation. Shameless.


Firstly though, we Baebes found ourselves driven across town last Monday and ended up inside a wonderful analogue studio to record three songs for the online DW sessions for ‘The Sun’. (to be viewed soon on their website – should you be a paying customer). We were very well looked after and after being filmed and recorded, and even had a sneaky chance to listen to it all, we sounded on form indeed. And so our excitement was confirmed about the Christmas tour and how it is going to sound like the inside of an incredibly festive, beauteously complicated Christmas trifle of happiness and joy. YES!


ImageAnd today we saw this little beauty pop up in the very same paper……Something to lavish your ears upon.


So this was just a little wee tipple on which to whet your whistle – the tour blogs will come thick and fast. We just need to warm our cockles and fire up the engines – and with that said Monday the 18th heralds our ‘OF KINGS AND ANGELS’ album release. Mince Pies and Mulled Wine abounds. Come all ye Faithfuls, we shall see thee SOON x