Day 6

Thankfully today was another rest day. Hence the party the night before. And rest we did. Another non ‘slimming-world’ friendly breakfast was picked at – I actually went full waffle with maple syrup and squirty cream……. I would usually pay about 15 quid for the pleasure of an ‘American themed’ breakfast in the trendy London eaterie ‘the Breakfast Club’ and I would’ve had to have queued for the pleasure of paying that amount for this breakfast. Yet here I am, in the actual United States of America having a free breakfast waffle with all the trimmings AND I get to make the entire thing myself!

Then Marie and I rather responsibly found the laundry room and washed some clothes after I had a solo dip in the pool whilst Ben and Marie relaxed poolside. Having the whole pool to yourself is a #lifegoal so therefore on this post party wreckage day, I am winning. Waffle, clean pants and solo swim. Yes Kween.

Then day 6 became a blur as we sat and watched the Emergency Alerts flash up on our phones….what is this telephonic invasion? It was a flash flood warning. The intense buzzing and fear mongering messages. Wow. But it worked, we were a bit scared, although SOME of us chose to ignore the warnings and went into Providence, the VERY same place where the flash flood warning was for. Apparently they just got quite wet and their ankles were submerged in the rain water. Anyway we had a legitimate reason for staying at the hotel. We were resting. Yes.

There was an attempt at watching a film but the snooze button hit us collectively and a good hour and a half was lost to sleep. Very responsible indeed.

Groupon provided us with an excellent dinner deal in Murphys Law right next door, so the majority of us hit the bar again at 8 to taste the delights of this faux Irish establishment. We had the soothing sounds of the local big jazz band thrumming away in the not-so-distance, and apres dinner we were summoned by the soporific sax’s to sit and watch. And then we were recognised! It was awesome. That crazy night we’d had 5 years ago was WITH this very band. What are the chances? Ben the band leader came over and gave Kat and I a hug as we were the only ones that were there, as well as Maurice and it was so lovely to be reunited. There was a young chap there who was 21 but he was 16 when he had started to play the guitar and remembers getting up on stage and jamming with us all those years ago. Apparently it is a night still talked about to this day. Well boys, you wait until THiS night is over.

Well, I say that but I shortly retired to my sleeping chamber. However, I don’t think my cohorts disappointed. I slept fitfully until I knew they were safe back in the room. At 4am. And the rest is another night they can talk about for the next 5 years. Needless to say, Katharine did indeed get out her jazz recorder and jammed like the best of them. Well done team, another sterling effort.

Also, it turns out that the terms referring to our various factions have changed from ‘coven girl’s and ‘Covent girls’ to the ‘Ab Fabs’ (as in the ‘Absolutly Fabulous’ TV show with the drunken old lushes Eddie and Patsy) and the ‘choir girls’. These seems to have stuck harder than the former.


Day 5. A day off.

So we have completed three shows and now we have a day off. What do we do??? Fortunately we all have a bit of work to be getting on with, with our various computers and so the morning was dedicated to the wonderful world of ‘Admin’. Tippy tappy tap tap went our fingers until 1pm which was rendezvous time for a day trip to the shore. Hurrah.

An hour and an impossibly long bridge later, we were on the island of Newport. This fine Hallowed ground of the seaside where someone has decided to create a toy town of sorts with gorgeous wooden clapboard houses in Farrow and Ball colours as far as the eye can see. We whizzed through the main town and straight through to the beach. Oh the beach, with is fine grey sand, soft like ….soft…sand. It was so nice to be by the raging seas, well the slightly calm but definitely-far-too-busy-with-waves-to-be-able-to-swim-in seas. But I kept having a funny sensation. Everytime I looked at the sea I felt very grounded and familiar and safe and then I’d scan along the horizon and my eyeline would hit upon the land in the distance and a host of wooden houses and it would evoke a strange emotion deep within my gut. What was it? The I realised, the shoreline was dotted with houses I wasn’t familiar with and it made me realise how far away I am from home. So I just stopped looking and watched as Marie tried to bury one foot as deep as she could in the sand using only her other foot.

We had decided to meet back at the van in an hour, but we didn’t require that much time by this windy shore so we climbed back into our trusty carriage and Maurice took us into town. We were keen to find some Nick-Nackery shops. We found one, it was called Swanky and it was, as its name clearly denotes, Swanky. Filled with artisanal vintage drinking glasses and nice cushions. We started chatting with the owners and they were very excited to have this throng of English singers in their shop. The man was keen to say that he would go home that evening and listen again to the Victoria theme tune. Anyway, that wasn’t the most exciting bit. The exciting bit was when he announced that he was born in Torquay….which is where Marie is from! I mean, what are the chances. The same small town in the UK. Uncanny.

Then we went in search of another Nick -Nackery type shop that we had see out of the van window on the way through, but it turned out to be a hotel, which was disappointing and then Marie, Sophie, Charlie and I went on to loose the ‘find the exciting parts of the town’ jackpot whilst Anna, Maurice and Ben separately managed to nail it by finding a good bar and some thrift vintage stores. We found a great shop with lots of different flavours of sugar, I bought an eyeliner and that was it. Beautiful as this New England residence was we got a little bit ‘Towned out’ – this was mostly down to the fact that we hadn’t had our per diems and so our options were limited. We did realise though that tomorrow was a new per diem day and so we spalshed out last bits of American cash on a delicious ‘Pub Weiner’ with ‘Tater Tots’ in an incongruously themed in comparison to the rest of the town, bar. But we had a lovely sit down and our ‘dog’ was yum. Then hurrah of hurrahs Maurice messaged into the group what’s app that he was rounding us up and hour earlier than arranged. Yes! Newport you were sweet but we were ready to leave. Back up and over the giant bridge and off to the hotel.

‘What time shall we have the White Russian Party’ asks Maurice from the front of the van. ‘7.30?’ Replies Marie. And that was that. We were ON. I had a quick sleep on returning to our room, where we found Katharine STILL notating a piece of music for a very exciting project she is working on. Into the room we burst, Marie and I all full of giggles and verve and we were met with, sorry girls can you just give me 5 more mins. Oh. Yeah sure, and an hour of silence ensued. As mentioned, I went to sleep and woke up an hour later to find Marie flaunting her individualness in ANOTHER sublime frock and socks. I hauled myself out of bed, popped on some lippyand threw a scarf round my hair and off we went to room 502. We left Kat to finish off and she joined us a few mins later.

The boys were all in there, supping away on their White Russians. Maurice fixed us up with overpoured shots of vodka and Kahula into our frat party styled plastic cups and within about 5 sips we were slightly louder and asking where the music was. Thankfully Kat cranked out the Spotify and we started to fill the room with dancing and laughter. All the while the boys sat firmly planted on the sofa watching us with a slight hint of distain/love. I don’t know what happened but before I knew it I was on giant plastic cup number 3 of White Russian and everyone else was quickly catching up. Then all the booze was gone so there was no other choice….we had to go and visit the adjoining bar.

Murphys Law is an Irish styled bar and some of us were more than families with its interior. 5 years previous, Kat and I and Sarah, Esther, Emily, and Clarey all enjoyed our last night in the States at Murphys Law. We regaled the local gathering with a terrible version of ‘The Snake’ as well as a few others that were much better and then Kat pulled out her show stopping ‘Anchorman’ moment and wowed us all with her jazz recorder solo. Maurice even went on the drum kit and so did Clarey but she was actually sitting on the drums whereas Maurice was playing them. And it was a fabulous night all in all. What will THIS evening, 5 years later bring?

Well there were more drinks and suddenly an enormous tray of chicken wings appeared. Probably for the best seeing as we hadn’t really had any dinner. And then all I can remember is a very very smelly broom and being spun round like a breakdancer by my foot by a young lady who was suddenly just there. Thankfully Ben was able to document various moments of the evening, and it turns out so did I. There are at least 4 separate videos on my phone of Kat managing to maintain some serious head stands on the dance floor and then attach a Guinness poster to her posterior and dance about at a right angle displaying said poster to all who could see. According to Bens video library we – Myself, Kat and a very sober Sophie – performed what we were enjoying calling the ‘human centipede’ and on all fours, very close together, we traversed the dance floor and made our poor manager stand still as we ‘human centipeded’ (yes, I have seen the film) through the arch of his legs. Poor man. Then there was the video involving the broom, we – myself, Kat, Marie and Sophie – enjoyed a short amount of time joint straddling the broom and wooshing about the place bewitchingly. Many other antics were to be enjoyed, and then forgotten by morning. But that was that, we had a group outing to the pub post White Russian party and another legendary evening had been designed and executed. Well done us. And well done everyone for leaving when we did – shortly after Kat was told to get off the table and stop unscrewing the lightbulb.

Day 4

A lie in you say? What is this wizardry?

As the time goes by the realisation of being so far away from home kicks in, little ones left at home in the UK are face-timed and kisses on the screen are a thing of joy, however a lie-in? For the first time in nearly 2 years? Don’t mind if I do.

I say lie in but we had to be up by 8.30 but that IS indeed a lie-in by my standards – by about 3 hours. Down we swept into the breakfast area, along with everyone else in the hotel it seemed. There is indeed an optimum time for Sunday breakfasting it turns out. Ahhh yes, the bacon, it is impossible to get bacon like this back home, how does it happen? So thin, so crispy, so delicious, so not anything like the bacon I know and love. And oh how I love being back in the realm of ‘half and half’. Cream that is good for you. Love it.

And the vehicles. We love the big vehicles.

Back into the van for a short amount of VT, van time. This is when I started the blog again, and now I am sat in the hotel a day later writing up this blog about about when I started writing the blog on that day. I am a time machine.

Where were we going? Boston. Yes Cambridge Boston. So leafy, so green, so many detached houses with turrets and verandas and Windows and single entrances so they must all only have one family living in them. All this SPACE to live in giant houses. America, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, we love you.

Ahhhh Story Chapel. No amplification, just us and our voices and a scaled down drum kit, naked cello and Charlie’s myriad of musical instru’Ments. And the dressing room. Gorgeous, yes there weren’t any drapes but since when did we worry about drapes? It was like we were in a state room AND an en suite too. So lovely that even Sophia the social media Kween approved of its asthetic and started shooting snaps of us in various louche positions in costume. Costume? No I don’t mean costume I mean our usual everyday casual wear dresses that we wear everyday casually like the virgins Marie says we are (pretending to be).

The show was at 2pm. And sold out! There was a waiting list for tickets. Amazing, thank you Boston.

I don’t quite know what it is at the moment but we are loving our close connection with the audience, so much love and so many laughs!

It was also so great to be free to dance and gesticulate and gracefully sweep our limbs about without fear of knocking over our microphone stands or becoming entwined with various leads. It was a brief set up, no sound check, just a mild bit of re positioning and that was that. We louched some more back in our State dressing room and suddenly it was time to go on. Another extremely fun and glorious gig, yes we may have popped the speeches in slightly the wrong places and got a bit confuddled but you know this is LIVE people, and who doesn’t love an ad-Lib?

Once again we meet the fans after the show at the signing. A couple all the way from Texas and fans who have been loyally with us for 15 years. More and more heartwarming joy, and then suddenly a tray of wine and fizzy water appears and everything is even more excellent. We kept on our green dresses, which we LOVE, each one slightly different and carefully selected by ourselves, we are in our own skins in the green scheme, and off we went to frolic in the graveyard.

Mt Auburn is an epically beautiful cemetery, with many a picture book dedicated to documenting its beauty, trees, tombs, gravestones et al. And so we had to weave ourselves in and out of the gothic glory and have some snaps. Our lady Corrine at the chapel was on hand to provide an extra pair of eyes, Sophia was so determined to get some good shots of us that she almost forgot that she had to be in them as well. I’m sure you will be seeing those popping up here and there on the social media platforms a-plenty.

Just to interrupt the flow, I am sat here in the hotel bed and Marie and Kat are also here – not in the bed with me, we finally have our own beds, but we are glued to the TV as there are Flash flood warnings for this exact area, it is raining so hard outside that it’s making holes in the tar-Mac (not really, but you know, it’s really raining out there). And where have the convent girls gone? They’ve gone OUT into the flash flood warning area. Oh, yes, we have names for the various groupings within the body of the organism we are in. One certain selection of individuals is known as ‘The coven’ and the other ‘The convent’ and then there are ‘The boys’. Individuals can float between the groups, so there are no hard and fast rules but there are some main stalwarts, mainly in ‘The coven’. It’s up to you to wok out who they might be. However last night in the Irish bar (that story is yet to come on day 5) Sophie was helming the Coven single handedly until the early hours whilst pregnant and sober. Go girl.

Back to Boston. We flounced about like fairy elves in the cemetery then we de-robed and got in the van to follow our main man of the day Jim up to his tower. He was very excited about sharing his antique erection with us which proudly shot up through the canopy of trees and surveyed the entirety of Boston. Up we went round and round on the impressive stone staircase and emerged at the top. The sunshine was smiling down on us and the views were just eyeburstingly beautiful. Then he whipped out the bubbles and there we were, taking in the city from the top of the turret. Exactly where we should be. Thank you Jim for the tower.


e stopped by in a supermarket on the way back, picking up some unknown produce to consume in our hotel rooms, salads, fresh fruit, ham, almond milk and normal milk for our upcoming White Russian party. What? Say what? A White Russian party? Watch out Providence, sh*{$ gonna get real. Oh and Charlie and I were cornered by a very insistent man who had heard our accents and at first it looked like he might be trying to show us something relevant to us or at the very least, England, on his Facebook account. However he was just scrolling aimlessly through his timeline whilst making sure we saw his selfies with Quincy Jones and other various rap artists (We did keep.trying to enlist others of our party to come and absorb some of the intensity but they were always ‘too busy finding hummous’ hmmm) Anyway turns out he was none other than T LA Rock. I know!!!! Who?? But he was a gorgeous man and we googled him later and he was legit and lovely. So that was fun, and a distraction from the horrendous stench of ammonia and general not nice-ness in the supermarket.

Off we went back to our hotel base and upon arrival, despite feeling quite tired, I was convinced by my fellow coven members to go outside and partake in what we like to call ‘festitime’. It basically involves finding a small tree or bush on some grass and sitting behind it, slightly concealed so that we can drink wine, outside. It’s much more fun than it sounds and we are connecting back with whatever tiny bit of nature we can find amidst the hundreds of motorways, our favourite.

Day 3

Day 3.

Up, pack, out the door, in the cab, out the cab, in the van, goodbye NYC.

It was a fair amount of VT (van time) on Saturday morning and half of us rambled on gibberishly about the preceding nights antics whilst the other half lived the night vicariously through us piecing bits of it together. Oh it was a lively few hours betwixt the snatches of well desired snoozing.

5 hours later we were in Pawtucket, RI, and here we are, still.

We are even managing to take some items out of the luggage and pop them into the wardrobe as we are here for a few nights using this is a base to satellite between concerts from this fine part of the……motorway, it’s mostly all motorway here. There is a river, I can see it out of the window, how we get to the river is a mystery because there are SO MANY ROADS in the way. But the sun is a shining and it has been a while since we have had such glorious heat beating down on us.

We arrived at the Blackstone River Theatre. Another fantastic community based building milling with volunteers industriously creating a hub of excitement on this Sunday afternoon. Russell was our main man there and we were thrilled to see our own rider in the dressing room. A basket of crisps and chocolate and a fridge full of fizzy drinks and water. Also know as a basket of chips and candy and a fridge full of soda and wada. It turns out you can’t ask for a ‘glass of water’ here, it doesn’t register in the air saying ‘water’ with an English accent here, the best and only way of getting a response is if you appropriate an American accent and say ‘wada’. Please may I have a glass of wada, and then you will receive a glass of water. Easy.

Where were we, yes, now I recall being here on our last tour and it was our last gig. I remember it well. So it was gorgeous to be back in such a wonderful space. The day was a very slight blur for a few of us, but we heroically trucked on through. I mean, no where near as heroically as our in-house-precious-cargo-carrier Sophie, who is trucking through amazingly everyday, however she does need fresh fruit and veg so should anyone feel like presenting her with something wonderful then her little mini-me needs some good hearty fresh produce.

Oooohhh and they ordered us in some food which was all very delicious and perfectly on time. A pizza pitta they say? Who would’ve thought? Devouring occurred, dresses were put on, Sophie and I reconceptualised the white dresses to minimise foot trippage, and then before we knew it it was stage time. Another full audience with a lot of love to give. Was a beautiful sound too, and our travelling sound man Dash did a great job. Also loving my new dance board. I have my own at home but it costs us SUCH a ridiculous amount of extra baggage money on the plane that I can’t bring it with me, so we ordered this new bad boy on the inter web and it arrived in NYC and now she’s my new best friend.

After the show we met a whole host of fabulous fans and especially those that travel SO FAR to come and see us. We are always so super overwhelmed when we hear of people’s efforts to come and see us. It makes our hearts sing with gratitude. Oh yes and the wonderful Matthew and Laura Marino presented our manager with a whole box of homemade Meade for us and also a cheeky bottle of Laphroaig Whiskey. Oh the joys!!!! He was indeed rewarded after he thrust his guitar unto us and we all signed jollily away. It’s so wonderful to see our fan friends again, like there hasn’t been any time passed. This is where I would insert a heart eyed emoji.

As it was a Sunday it was a fairly quiet after show vibe, and also those that had ‘trucked through heroically’ weren’t feeling so heroic anymore. The beds called and off we tootled. Finally there was a bed for each body – after a little mix up at the hotel. It did work out that the more seasoned members of the band had to share, just for this one night, while the fresher less ‘tour ravaged’ women got to snooze solo, but Marie and I have found a happy medium where, if I don’t move at all then she can sleep. I was perfectly log like and we all rubbed along nicely.

Thank you day 3, it was a lovely blur.

This one’s called ‘Saving The Floor From Tea-bag

Day 1,

America here we are.

Hello you glorious and enormous beast of a country.

We’ve already had the most action packed time in New York City, Rhode Island and now we are en route to Boston. I thought I would take this opportunity to start noting down our various American accomplishments whilst in transit on this fine and beautiful sunny morning – that we are missing inside our aggressively air-conned moving waiting room. So I am starting the inaugural Stateside tour blog on….erm, what day ARE we on? As yes, day 4 (including the travel day). It’s already been quite a whirlwind.

Firstly we touched down in Newark and as we stepped outside the cool crispness of the airport we were immediately wrapped in an unavoidable cloak of humidity, ‘body fog’ or BF for short. Like an unrelenting cuddle from some invisible cling film (Saran wrap), only the sunshine can burn it off but New York was not forthcoming with said sunshine so we sloshed about for the first 24hours. It’s always mildly unsettling suddenly being in America. The tour is usually preceded by a lot of work, organisation, packing and not really thinking about it and then boom suddenly we are here. So we wobbled disorientated and hot into the church on 22nd and 3rd ( I think that’s how they say it) and were greeted by the most unusual ceiling (I know! Usually it’s the vicar or an usher). Hopefully the audience won’t be taking that much notice of the ceiling when the show is on, but I would suggest a visit to the Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran church on 22nd and 3rd (sorry if that’s NOT how you say it).

A little tired and delirious we unloaded the instruments from the back of our tour van and our suitcases – although not Anna’s suitcase, hers was put on the next flight after ours for some mysterious reason and fingers crossed it’ll get to us before the show tomorrow because she needs, well you know, her costumemakeupheaddressesshowpants. Everything. However in the interim she dealt with the stress admirably well.

So we got there, and we had a parking space outside the church for the entirety of our time in NYC. Extraordinary! Having an allocated parking space on the Main Street of a busy area downtown Manhattan is like asking the universe for a dinner date with the head of the unicorns (probably also known as the King of the unicorns or even better the Queen of the unicorns, but I’ve chosen to keep it open by using the ambiguous term ‘head of’ for fear of offending and also aware of binary/non binary sensibilities of the particular climate these days). I might cut that bit. Anyway, once we had been reunited with the gorgeous Avon Faire who are playing with us tomorrow night, and offloaded our epic ass (that was meant to say epic-ness but it came up as epic ass and actually that seemed more appropriate so I’ve left it) of instruments, we were then thrust into the unknown abyss of a muggy, grey skied New York.

Kat and I were staying at Avon Faire Anna’s so we headed off to the Upper West side. Others were assigned to residencies in East Village or Queens so after the church load in we scattered, making our way to our respective temporary accommodations. Alas our hostess Anna wasn’t at the church to guide us to her home so Kat and I had no idea at all where we were going, which added so much more excitement to the journey (thank the Internet gods that I’ve got the ‘max’ tariff which means all my data is now free in America. Had this not been the case I think we’d probably still be in a cab circumnavigating New York right now).

Living in NY is like a dream to me, and most of the other Baebes too. So being In Anna’s apartment was dreamy indeed. She took us out for a delicious Thai dinner, we did a marvellous job continuing a flow of conversation considering Kat and I were struggling to maintain human contact, mainly due to jetlag but also because of the three red wine miniatures that we had swiftly consumed shortly after take off. Mine was mainly to suppress the pain and anxiety of being whisked incredibly far away from my little baby boy. So it (airplane red wine) was a required medicinal distraction of sorts. Thank you for dinner Anna.

Day 2.

The subway. Well firstly Kat and I managed to dress like a 1950’s styled lesbian power couple. This then Informed the behaviour of our relationship, I took the reigns and, as I was indeed the one wearing the trousers, I managed to navigate our way into ‘downtown’ via the subway, whilst she floated behind me….singing. And finally we were reunited with our beloved Marie. She had chosen to fly out 4 days before us to have a mini-cation. We met at a diner, had an unnecessarily giant sandwich and then woooshed off into the ‘east side’ with Marie at the helm. She whizzed us about showing us her various old haunts from when she lived in this magnificent city and then she strode off after a quick pop into the novelty microphone shop. Kat and I were alone once again as Marie went to switch hotels. I confidently lead Kat through the fairly uncomplicated grid system of streets and avenues to the venue whilst Kat floated behind me……singing.

I’ve gone on a bit and I need to get out of the van shortly as we are very close to the next venue, but there are a few things I wish to say about our first American show. Firstly however, to calm your nerves about the missing suitcase, it turned up at 3am the night before the show. Anna was resplendent in her own attire for the gig. Hurrah.

The evening was amazing. Avon Faire knocked it out of the park and were beautiful. We then approached the stage from the rear (our favourite) and found ourselves nestled amongst a gorgeous throng of fans old and new. The audience were incredibly kind, warm and giving. We had a brilliant time doing the show and a lovely time in the company of such a great crowd. I had some dear dear friends lighting up the front row and our fabulous host John gave a heartwarming and beautiful speech at the end which made us feel very loved and welcome. And how excellent it was to arrive downstairs to the signing table to be plied with wine, sandwiches and dumplings all for free and for EVERYONE. A beautiful religious space welcoming all with open arms. Joyous.

Oh, and during our very quick change in the middle of the second set (which almost always takes place in a very small adjoining room to the stage – this time it was the little kitchen) we came upon a bottle of red wine sat, waiting for us on the side, next to a note saying ‘do it,straight from the bottle’ courtesy of John our man at Gustavus. Yes!

There is too much to say and too little time to write about our after gig adventures in New York City. However, needless to say, the pre arranged fire truck brimming with firemen to whisk us away was a no show (excellent effort though Marie), however we were chaperoned by a single New York fireman and we feel like we experienced a much of the many delights that this incredible city has to offer on a Saturday night. I mean, three floors of tequila?.. Whaaaatt.

Over and out day 2.

DVD is incoming!

So so excited about the mail outs for the DVD.  It’s all happening, the engine is a rolling and now we are headlong into the cosy dark times of Christmas (well, I say that but I’m currently sat by a pool in LA but I’m headed home soon so will be a fabulous shock to the system).

We’re also gearing up for out ‘Sacred Spaces’ tour and I’m especially looking forward to our Brighton show on the 10th as I’ve never performed at St George’s before, and I’ve heard it is a wonderful space to sing in. And Brighton at Christmas is dreamy so we’ll get there nice and early and have a snugly wrapped up wander down to the pebbly beach – and probably turn round immediately because of the 39 mile an hour headlong winds, but hey, we’ll give it a go.

Tread thee well dear friends until we get to come and see you in our special locations in just a couple of weeks!!! UK it’s been too long since we sang here at Christmas time. Maybe we should work out a way to live stream these babies to y’all in the States….I say that but what with being immersed in Mediaeval times my concept of such a thing as ‘live streaming’ is a little vague/hazy/extremely limited. But we can but dream.

October – We wait for Winter tour

Well, how fabulous to be back but we were all very sad to have to leave our tour after only a few days! We would love to come back for longer and see you all……..In the meantime, the cold has set in here in London town…The boats are stocked with wood and coal and many a cosy fire has been had afloat the canal as well as in Emilys Pub and all the other abodes that allow wood fires (strange ban here in England where only in certain boroughs of the city is it allowed – always on the canal, although saying that, our mediaeval style of central heating is only allowed between certain hours on a small stretch of the canal in Angel Islington – nb that bit of info may not light all your fires – see what I did there).

We have very exciting times coming up, with the edit of our Berkeley Castle gig for the dvd, SO excited about seeing that as I have never seen the entire show live on camera before!

Clarey has touched back down on UK soil after a little magical Mediaeval time in the West coast of the States and preparations are all ready for our Christmas Sacred Spaces tour. Tickets for London are going like hot cakes. I can smell the mulled wine already – maybe because I’ve popped some on the stove (actually I haven’t because I ran out of gas today, eek).

So we are incoming with our show BACK on UK soil, we missed it last year, BUT we were in the States experiencing a summer Christmas in Miami and other VERY warm states in the US. How odd, and how odd to have hot Christmasses and yet have seasonal greetings cards depicting snow and robins and the entire arsenal of cold associated Christmas times….But all sun is good sun. However we will be back in our Cathedral homes and cannot wait. We shall be seeing each other again on Wednesday and it has already been TOO long. There is always a great dip of emotion when we have to leave each other after our special times together in America, and so we all felt it again with great heaviness this time in particular because we had a very nice time, BUT we will all be back together SO SOON. Can’t wait 🙂 x