This is the title.

Hello ether-net world, I have decided to write a blog, I was inspired by how blown away I was at Cropredy and so I thought I would put some wee words down on this virtual piece of paper and share with your good selves.

So Saturday came and went like a surge of electrical activity. Suddenly we were there and so were 10.000 others. This being my biggest Baebes gig to date was quite unexpected and incredibly exciting. Having been rather over-the-top with being too busy before this gig, I had no idea what to expect, well I hadn’t even thought about it, however there is nothing like looking out on to a sea of people from an enormous stage to make you feel the most ‘present’ you have for a long long time.

And so in our brand new white frocks we delivered, to the very lovely Cropredy crowd, a set of loin stirrers, brimming with beats, rhythm and lady power. It whizzed by and we had the perfect length set, however they were running 5 mins late on stage time due to crossover so we had to lose ‘Blacksmiths’ – my favourite one to flatfoot to. And we were then whizzed up to the signing tent, where there we many singing ‘firsts’ – We had homemade ukuleles, Hats, guitars, arms, tee shirts and a small boy called Shane thrust upon our table, as well as many newly purchased cd’s from many new fans who had enjoyed the feast of mediaeval enchantment that lay upon their ears so much that they are now part of our wonderful throng of fans!

We met Whistling Bob Harris, sang him a little number. I met one of my old faves Richard Digence and Emily got to meet an all time favourite of hers Nik Kershaw – With picture and all, after several goblets of wine. I look forward to seeing the footage, however maybe not the Extreme Close-Ups that happened during the gig, we didn’t realise that there was a screen there to broadcast our best harmony facials into magnified form on that massive screen to the masses, probably best not to know until afterwards. Anyway I have to go and have a root canal surgery now. So next time will probably be from AMERICA!

Love and Ivy…Actually lets go with honeysuckle, tis a lot more summery.



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