Morning one. Maryland.


Morning one in Maryland. The three musketeers managed to have a full nights sleep and awoke to the joys of sunshine. Somebody in the room who shall remain unnamed (Emily) somehow ‘broke’ the toilet and so after much deliberation finally called ‘0’ to get a man to come and unblock fix said toilet. Alas Katharine who was distracted by various technologies forgot within a millisecond that he was in the bathroom and as he opened the door he was alarmed to see her bottom on full display. The man ran off without even stopping to pick up a tip.

In other news the room is covered in musical notations and many copies of our exciting itinerary. Any New York dwellers get ye to ‘Subculture’ on Bleeker Street on the 4th oct…….we’re going ‘underground’.

Now off to waft over to the Rams Head – These Baebes shall be rocking Annapolis’ loins tonight.


7 thoughts on “Morning one. Maryland.

  1. Thanks for a great show at the Ram’s Head. I was sitting at your feet as you stomped the daylights out of that board. See you this week at the Birchmere!

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