Morning two. The night after Annapolis

And so last night was my first ever American gig and it was incredibly enjoyable. We all grabbed the Rams Head by the horns and rode that baby into town.

We were fed (rather surprisingly I had a burger that was topped with macaroni cheese), the food was very tasty and we were well watered with various ales and wine throughout the night, backstage could’ve verged on quite the bacchalian feast – but we were careful not to slip down that slope ……well not until after the gig anyway. The crowd were lovely and also as we discovered due to a bit of a text malfunction by me during the ‘Kindely’ speech, very forgiving. The mistake was as follows………

-after a very dramatic and suspenseful half of the grotesquely evocative speech, right at the end when I was meant to say the following sentence ‘foul and stinking I rot’, all words suddenly dropped out of my brain and thus that sentence turned into ‘foul and rotting I >huge pause, eyes searching the ether for another word, just any word< Rot.

Katharine lost her calm reserve and laughed, at that moment, very loudly down the microphone. Fortunately the rest of the room were with me and we all began to laugh along with us, and I resigned myself to not being able to say the rest of the speech, I just about managed to squeeze out 'oh Jesus have mercy of me'. And all because I left the words in the dressing room (I've only done that speech twice before and the first time I did it I got the very first line wrong….meant to be 'my arrival here is natural' and instead I said 'my entrance here is natural' the audience didn't flinch, however all the girls were shuddering with silent concealed giggles all to my left).

Anyway, we all had a great time at the Rams Head and afterwards we continued to sample the chains own brewed beer and had a dance, stood out on the road with said beer – got told off….for beer on the road…oops and then wooshed back to the hotel…Where all the boys, Esther and Anna were situated in the hotel bar next to the window so Myself, Katharine and Emily, in true Three musketeers style gave them a triple moon on that very same window.

And goodnight to Thursday.

Hello Wednesday, another sugar loaded yet delicious breakfast and that was just the eggs. we're off to sound heck at the Ren fair and I cannot wait to see what medieval treats there are in store for us there. YES!


4 thoughts on “Morning two. The night after Annapolis

  1. Must have been quite a night. You went from Thursday to Wednesday. You could say just about anything that sounds relevant on stage and it wouldn’t matter. The new fans have no idea what you are supposed to say. The diehard fans that know what you’re supposed to say worship you all as living Goddesses. I venture if you walked into the crowd and punched a man in the face he’d ask if your hand was OK. Watch out for Ravenous Wolf Spiders. One tried to eat Esther two years ago.

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