Morning 3. The Ren fair begins

So ….we have 20 mins before we need to rendezvous for the van trip to the Maryland renaissance festival. We were there yesterday doing our sound check in our little clearing stage which is mocked up as a Tudor-esque house, balcony et al. And I am so excited because it looks amazing and I do believe there will be elephants there, and jousting, but not with elephants.

This day is a bleary day, having smugly wandered around proclaiming to be jet lag free I am now not, and the rest of the day is going to be a prefabricated but brilliant haze of medievalness. Last night the wonder that is our manager had a little White Russian party in his room…, milk and the other thing which is like coffee syrup and spelt like kahula, but that’s not quite right. He even catered for the non dairy types, Sarah, Anna and Kavy all spicing up the Russian world with a bit of almond milk. This is not at all interesting but it was like drinking sleeping pills in excess and thus ended up on the floor getting a not-quite massage from Anna who, not being a great drinker, forgot that she was massaging me, it was a slow process of being leant on quite a lot but I was glad for the hands on contact as well as providing a useful barrier between her and the floor. You will notice some names missing. That is because the master of all lightweightness Emily crashed put in front of the telly after half a beer at 8.00 pm, and the other beauties are sleeping off illnesses pre travel time.

Kavus wrote a haiku for Maurice to thank him for the almond White Russian.

How I love Maurice Bacon
I cannot tell now
You are like a cloudless sky

Sat next to the poetry machine was Katharine, she had 2 White Russians and I didn’t see her eyes open very much.

Anyway off we pop to the festival very shortly. This mornings breakfast bar was a dangerous place as they had a self service waffle machine. I had an accident with the squirty cream. Subsequently there has been much aerobics happening chez three amigos.

Wonderful days and nights to you all.


4 thoughts on “Morning 3. The Ren fair begins

  1. the clock on here seems to be wrong… ahead by 4 hours… either that or I’ve entered some sort of alternate dimension… which is entirely possible.. !

  2. I so enjoyed your performances today. I was glad that I saw the shows at 1 and 3. Sorry I wasn’t able to stay for the show at 5. It was enjoyable seeing all of you at the signing table.

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