Hello Saturday Maryland Renaissance Fair

And here we are, there we were. In amongst the beautiful trees in our very own clearing down from the stocks, below the chapel, next to the archery, and around the corner from cheesecake on a stick stall (??? it is a lady in a small cubicle with space only for her and no sign of cheesecake let alone on a stick) was our canopied stage that we shared with the gorgeous Deborah Rose. At 1.00, 3.00 and 5.00 we appeared with vocals chords at the ready, feet ready to flap and the mystic staff ready to bang (!) and the audience, you, the audience were there with us every step of the way, and we had the MOST wonderful day. My first day of the Ren fair was a treat to all the senses, tomorrow I shall be hoping to buy a belt that I saw donned upon a young lady that was carrying her ale mug on and maybe even a few of those enormous pretzels.


Several things happened today (as is the norm in a living beings life, but these were of note for the content of this blog) Emily lost her phone and amazingly managed not to remember that she had lost it for most of the day until the end when we discovered (thanks to Carolyn Spedden) that it had been handed in, so thank you to that gallant and brilliant stranger. A certain young man named Keith treated us all to either a rose of a beer, strangely I opted out of the booze and in for the rose and what a beautiful rose it is, pride of place on the hotel mantelpiece, and such a pretty scent, thank you. We also had another VERY good friend and fan bring us some Incredibly delicious chocolates, yes! we got a mini box of Godiva chocs EACH, oh that is a happiness! Roses and chocolates, Hello Ren fair fans. The a very special man called Scott (forgive me if I got that wrong, I put your card in my bra and then duly lost it) said hello to us and he had lost his hearing a while ago and when he regained his ability to hear the first thing he heard was the Mediaeval Baebes rendition of Gaudete. The other ladies had met him last time and I had not and it was hard to fight back the watery eyes when he told me his story. we met so many wonderful people all sporting excellent outfits and we were exactly where we should be.

I was very excited by the clothing and was rather enamoured by a pair of Sufi pants – trousers where I’m from. I wasn’t quite sure how to wear them whilst in the dressing room, and there was no mirror so Clarey kindly papped me, thus acting as crucial mirror.

being the most comfortable trousers IN THE WORLD I decided to purchase, and in our dressing room I momentarily opted for an alternative way of styling.

That only lasted for a little while, a moment, in fact, as previously mentioned, and now I can happily say I am wearing them like a normal person would. Although I must say, our friends at the Ren fair are awesomely embracing their wonderfully out of the ordinary way of lifestyle and I truly love them all.

I am so Looking forward to tomorrow, and after today the hotel of Baebes is in shut down for the night, saving ourselves for another day with the Ren fair tomorrow…..however, some of us snuck in a wee bit of hot tub action swiftly followed by a small ale and then time to wind down. Sarah and Clarey are in their room bathing and eating chocolate, neither of which simultaneously. Esther and Anna have managed to score themselves an italian takeaway. Emily is already asleep, Kathrine is tucking into her salad with gusto and watching something on the computer. The boys, not needing the use of their vocal chords tomorrow, have gone out to play. And I have decided to tell you all about our day. There has been no breaking of toilets and nor has there been any flatulence to report (mainly because I have been asked not to – report on the latter – but I could quite honestly start up a whole other blog just about that, but we are 11 people often in the same small van suffering from our innards having been very recently compressed and then mercifully decompressed by the wonder that is air travel and so ‘it’ has made itself a feature in recent days but I am sure we are all suitably acclimatised now and this will never be mentioned again, so that is that, now we can regain our veil of mysticism and Baebefulness once again). Hurrah.

Oh and another thing, WE GET GOBLETS.


Oh and I didn’t want to interrupt my flow earlier about the cheesecake on a stick stall but look…….

20130928-213002.jpg Where is the space for all the cheesecake? Tomorrow I will investigate further.

Right I have to go now and louche about in my fabulous new trouser/pants.



4 thoughts on “Hello Saturday Maryland Renaissance Fair

  1. My daughter once worked the Cheesecake carts. The treat is a triangular piece of cheesecake on a stick, dipped in chocolate and frozen. They’re kept in a freezer under the counter, and replenished throughout the day as they get sold. They’re very popular.

  2. I am Really enjoying your blog Jo but next time can you insist on having your own photographer to capture all these moments of hilarity, my rates are very reasonable. Love to all xxx from Janice

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