Sunday Maryland joy.

So that was Maryland Ren fair. I sit on my hotel bed remembering the day whilst eating an amazing Italian takeaway and as Emily is watching ‘the notebook’. I have just arrived back from enjoying a post fair sojourn into the small woodland clearing across the way next the big road with Joe, our techie, Paul, our drummer and Kavus the magic string man and Katharine. We treated ourselves to a wee moment amongst the neatly trimmed trees of Annapolis and fondly named this particular scene-ette as ‘festivibe’ – actually that name was courtesy of the two K’s – (photos to follow after they have transmitted themselves from my phone to my email address, and for some reason I can only insert them as I write, not as an afterthought, and so they will arrive rather late to this party, even though there were the party).

Today was amazing, the gigs and the audience were so fabulous. Clarey had such a wonderful time singing her heart out that the dust came up and swallowed her voice whole and now she can’t say anything at all :(. We rocked up on site with all Baebes in good spirits, but Sarah was feeling a little migraine befuddled, however doctor theatre came and she battled through the shows with gusto. The self service waffle machine at breakfast was still there, being a weekend addition and distraction and Esther wolfed down a big one with 4 helpings of Nutella which saw her through a large portion of the day. The first two sets were brilliant fun and we loved meeting all the wonderful fans afterward.

However, I was deeply perturbed that I had seen a sign for ‘elephants’ and had even mentioned it to friends that I was at a festival with elephants but had not yet seen hide nor hairy hair of them, when all Baebes and band had seen them, except me…..and so between shows 2 and 3 I missioned across to the elephant pen, which had always been empty when I had passed it….however this time I was in luck and there they were In all their beautiful hairy massive big eared glory, and it made my whole trip so far. There were camels too but I only managed to snap a pic of their backsides.

After cooing for a good long time at those majestic beings I decided I was a little peckish and ventured to get some food but I can honestly say I only made it as far as the cheesecake on a stick stall …knowing what I now know about these stalls I realised how exciting this frozen chocolate covered delight was and thus my ‘edibles-on-a-stick’ cherry was popped and I forked out 4 paper dollars on said cheesecake on a stick. HOORAY. It was delicious but I’m not sure if one is entirely ok for just one human being to consume, I did try and farm it out to my travelling brothers and sisters but that baby was enough for atleast 5 of us to have severalhealthy bites of. Needless to say, I was feeling a little vomitus just before we went on stage. They are good though!

Set three was rocking good fun and after that we signed and you were all there, Steve came and gave us the most beautiful metal roses which was such a lovely gift, thank you Steve….and who was there to provide liquid and roses again? yes none other than our most wonderful lord, Keith. Happinesses all round as we met and re met many of our beautiful fans and then the day was over, the fair had to close and we had to leave but nor before the SLIDE…….ooh yes the slide.

We dragged our chums Keith and Aaron to the slide and Kavus, who had already sampled the wonders of ‘the slide’ paid for us all…as Keith and his lovely friend looked after our beers and belongings. Oh how we wooshed our way down the bumpy curly wurly slide each screaming our faces off as we accelerated downward to the end which seemed like it would never be enough to catch our trajectories downward, but it did (which was a little disappointing to be honest as there is nothing better than a ‘you’ve been framed slide calamity’ to appeal to the masses) it caught us nevertheless and we were so deeply fired up that we all did it again.

Then we found some broom sticks and had a wee photo shoot and slowly made our way back to our stage, via the funny ladder on a rope thing which is actually truly impossible to mount if there is no one helping at the top end but fortunately for Anna and Clarey there was, however they did their ‘three goes for a dollar’ attempts and all times ended up spinning violently downward into the hay – amusing video to follow.

Then we packed all our things and left – with sadness but great love and fondness in our hearts – the Maryland renaissance festival.

Things of note, Emily decided to cast off all of her clothes right in front of the door leading on to the stage just as the gentlemen who were clearing up the stage were on the stage and so inadvertently provided a strange medieval cabaret number for them, which she didn’t realise until she was in just her nude coloured knickers.

I bought a medieval belt, which I love, and had mentioned in yesterdays sightings, however I also wish I had bought something to hang off it, like a leather thing providing a useful purpose. (Pam, you’d love the belt, M told me not to mention it but I did, ha x).

We met some elves, proper ones with pointy ears, they were beautiful people and the in our last show they were sat at the front dressed in purple and it seemed like they had gathered all the other purple people to come and sit right at the front with them creating a beautiful purple Army right there In front of us. A sea of peaceful purple and joy.

Today was brilliant, and right now I have had to abandon my amazing Italian lasagne takeaway, mainly because I have become so deeply involved in writing this but also because it has so much salt in it that I think my eyes are drying up, but that makes it so much more delicious. Anyway the rest of the ‘festivibe’ party have gone to ‘chilis’ probably to endure huge margaritas, which I may say are Incredible despite knocking your soul out of your body resulting in dragging home your own insides by the shoulders, and so I am glad to be reliving my day sat on my bed next to 4 beautiful roses and half a lasagne.

All of us thank you Maryland for your hospitality and love. X

pics still not yet received, they will be here though, one day.

Pics arrived……

20130930-104302.jpg The delicious takeaway, which thankfully I was so distracted by writing the blog that I didn’t eat it all.

20130930-104415.jpg Kavus rocking his festivibe stance in amongst the leaves and fallen trees.

20130930-104502.jpg Katharine and I embracing the goblin land.


20130930-104612.jpg THE cheesecake on a stick ladies and gentlemen.

20130930-104645.jpg Previously I hadn’t mentioned Rumpel…..but here he is, he nestled in amongst us, the original Fool on the Hill.

20130930-104755.jpg Myself and Keith and chum, and Barry and The Elfin man of purple-dom, and all the other super chaps we met at Maryland.

And this, this is a real treat. There was NO MAN holding the ladder for Emily, see it is impossible to even get on the thing.
Emily and the ladder


8 thoughts on “Sunday Maryland joy.

  1. Hello Josephine, we caught your 3 o’clock performance yesterday. Wonderful singing, and I was most impressed with your instrumental skills on recorder, violin et al. Couldn’t make it to the signing session as our kids were restless and hungry. So happy you made it to the States. Hope the rest of your tour goes well. P.S.: stay away from cheesecake on a stick…it’s not natural! πŸ™‚

  2. As always, it was my pleasure to bask in the glow of Baebatude. I really look forward to seeing more updates on the tour even though I won’t be there worshipping you ladies from the audience. Safe journey!

  3. Great blog…. it sounds like the fun continues unabated…. πŸ™‚
    can’t seem to view Emily’s ladder event… message says the video is private…


  4. Video says private for me too 😦 Hope we can get to see it? Lovely pics, K looks like she has the shadow of a fairy on her face!! Nice to see the elf as earlier I imagined them like little cartoon elves, not the elegant Lord Of The Rings type!! And well the cheesecake, I could just eat that right now…all of it!! πŸ˜›

  5. Thank you for three amazing shows. It was good to see you. Debbie and I loved you on the Hurdy Gurdy and enjoyed your dancing skills on that special board of yours. Katherine actually remembered us from 2 years ago. I guess us Elves are hard to forget. Thank you for all the nice comments,but it was all of you who made it such a Magical day. Many Elven blessings are being sent your way and may you all enjoy your time here in the States for the remainder of your tour. Hannon Le (Thank you).

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