Philadelphia (and the elephants)

Firstly I forgot to add the pics of the beautiful hairy spotty trunked elephants of enormity from the Ren fair.

Ah actually that’s because I didn’t send them through but never ye worry I will get them, and so in the interim for your amusement here are the pictures from the broomstick moment.

20131001-100648.jpg This is quite a nice version with us all a-pose. however, the next one is slightly more representative of the hectic-ness that was actually happening in betwixt shots.


Anyway, so Philli………you are a big city with tall buildings, a big handsome river and a lot of bridges and train tracks and bridges made for the train tracks. ‘Tis a funny thing arriving in a big city after being woodland bound for the past three days, and here are all these people playing soccer under the big bridges and living here and we just swoop in for a few hours, sing to the people of Philli and then swoop off again.

The World Music cafe was and is a fantastic venue with the most excellent sound on stage, we very much enjoyed performing our spooky section, delivering it atmospherically through the amazing sound system into the ears of our lovely audience. The only bad thing about the night was missing our dearest Clarey, who was back at the hotel trying with all her might to shake off the evil dreaded lurgy and get her beautiful tones back with the help of much sleep a cosy bed and Esther’s array of herbal teas (not the kind you get in a tea bag all sealed nicely in a box, but the kind that are just plastic bags full of dodgy looking herbs…how she got them through immigration I don’t know), anyway we are hoping that their positive effects will have healed Clarey back to normal as we very much missed her. Although Esther momentarily forgot she was gone as we were taking a group photo with a fan and suddenly shouted…’hold on there’s someone missing’ whilst looking around the room for Clarey who had not been with us for the last 10 hours.

During the show there was a rather hilarious dancing debacle, which to the untrained eye would have gone unnoticed, however, due to the lack of room between Sarah and the band, Esther and I at one point were left doing strange superman like arm movements through space whilst Sarah was styling it out in her own very planned way……this usually would’ve been fine but there was a lot of detail involved which sadly due to lack of telepathy Esther and I were not able to catch on to in time and thus were left wavering about and having rather an amusing time nonetheless.

The fans afterward were lovely, we had two wonderful ladies making us very emotional with their tears of happiness, and we had chocolate again!! Thank you so much John Mahoney. 🙂 We then sampled the delights of the world cafe live open mic night. Killer Whale was particularly excellent to dance to. He was the last spot of the night and most of the people had gone home but we were there for him and rushed to the front, as his backing track went on, and we pounded that dance floor making that young yet enormous man a happy Killer Whale.

The drive home was interspersed with many truck stops and a lot of Kelis, Maria McKee and Ralph Stanley. And oh how we slept, when we got back to base, like tired wonder filled fairies on the cool white cotton sheets of our hotel, which has been home to us for the last 5 days…..tomorrow we get to the big city NYC. Today we wend our way to the Birchmere Music Hall. Where we will see a lot of our chums from the Ren fair.

This morning we had some spare time and although being in the hotel is a calming homeland, some of us decided to go on an adventure….So man Joe, Paul, Esther and I ventured out in a cab (who charged us waiting time so it was 10dollars when we got in there, and thus a bit of a heated debate ensued because he was 15 mins earlier than we had ordered and so that was quite unpleasant) but we got to the park and realised it was closed anyway! However, we ventured in and for a good 2 hours got lost in the foliage….after some time we found a millionaires playground and we finally found the water in which we were missioning to find….Paul and I bravely wandered down past the posh houses, there was no gate and so we thought it was a public pass way (but we think it wasn’t, but no one challenged us) and Esther and Joe joined us at a rear at a safe and cautious distance, but with no one around but the varying yachts and jetties we all stripped down to our swimmers and plopped in to the murky depths of the Annapolis estuary….Esther however was dressed in jeans and slight heels, alas she did not receive the ‘we’re going to go swimming memo’ and was left on the jetty as lookout and whimsically made a sunlit film of her wee tootsies dangling and splashing in the green water. We all swam out through the warm but cold but then warm again then cold opaque waters and felt like we were in a huckleberry Finn-esque sunny hot watery paradise. And so the tussles of ‘which way is the water?’ and ‘no we should not go through that mans private garden’ were over and calm settled over us and we were blissful in the water. Then we called another cab, he was on time and so were we and we zoomed our way back to the hotel for leaving time.

Other things of note so far – Emily is missing her boy baby Saxon and so my bottom has been a surrogate bottom on which she often uses as a drum whilst slapping either cheek rhythmically singing the following ……..

I play your bum
Like a drum
Like a drum
I play your bum
Like a drum I play your bum.

This is a great fun game that is a daily occurrence and is enjoyed by All.

We are currently lost on the freeway between Annapolis and the Birchmere. We hope to see you soon.


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