Birchmere and now NYC bound

Right now I am so happy to be in the van, Clarey has just doused me with calming and sensory therapy products, Emily is talking to Sarah about writing her (Ems) next book, Esther is to my right twiddling about on her phone and Katharine is, as usual, working on her computer. I am happy because I have a very large cherry slush puppy in my hand (which is actually making my eyes see things that aren’t there) and we are on our way to NEW YORK CITY.

It was a moving morning saying goodbye to our lovely hotel. Thank you Annapolis for having us and we even had an impromptu photo session for the hotel before we left which was a bit weird just doing it in normal clothes surrounded by suitcases. Anyway Maurice loaded us all into the van and the sun is guiding our way to NYC, along with the Sat Nav.

Last night we were at The Birchmere Music Hall in Alexandria, VA.

20131002-121343.jpg And what an amazing venue it is! This place is so very cool and everyone there was so nice and friendly and lovely and I cannot wait to get back there again when we come back. I had a pulled pork barbecue roll, which was very meaty and extremely delicious, although as I type in the van it’s not such a great thing to recall right now due to current motion issues and so I shall stop talking about food. Oh but I am compelled to just very quickly say if you ever get the chance to eat sweet potato with cinnamon butter then do, you will not believe your mouth.

At the Birchmere Our name was in lights and the audience packed out the room. We worked up quite a sweat on that stage with the lights shining down on us and we finally got our new ‘Phantom’ dance out for the fans. Afterward we met all of our American friends who had been with us so far along the way, Bruce out did himself with even BIGGER boxes of Godiva chocolates, thank you Bruce and Tom presented us each with a DVD of pics and mini films of the Ren fair……I am yet to see it and looking forward to when I do, thank you Tom. It was sad to say goodbye to our fabulous fans, but we shall see you next year 😀

Oh this driving and typing scenario isn’t working out as well as I had hoped. However, Clarey has just treated me to an enormously helpful neck and head massage which instilled a great sense of well being in me and now I can continue, just for a little bit.

After the show we were furnished with wine and beer and on our return we had a celebratory we-have-a-day-off-tomorrow party, White Russians were abound again, although I steered clear of them this time. Katharine unleashed her dj-ing talents and she and Kavus were seriously re inventing the concept of making shapes on the dance floor, it was almost moving. This morning I woke up with an impressionist interpretation of the Statue of Liberty on my chest and a New York City sky view vista across my back.

We just quickly stopped before going over the New Jersey turnpike, and I wish I could bottle this extreme heat and send it back home. We cannot believe how hot it is and everyday we lament over the fact that we really didn’t pack suitably. Hey ho, big city here we come and I’ve got my ‘Sufi pants’ so all is well.

Day off today… we need to go and find something amazing to do tonight in NYC….it’s almost too exciting that I’m worried I might just stand still with overwhelment and end up doing nothing at all. As long as we get to drink cocktails on a roof somewhere then I shall be happy.

Over and out for now.


2 thoughts on “Birchmere and now NYC bound

  1. Your hotel is in a fabulous area – you will all love it. Very close by is part of the Highline Park the extremely cool old elevated highway they’ve turned into a pedestrian park. Also -//

    Lots of great restaurants and bars in that area.

    The hotel offers complimentary bikes to wander about the city too. They might even have a rooftop bar, I can’t remember though.

    Have fun!

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