New York New York

We arrived in sunny NYC and rolled out of the van and into the teeny weeniest little rooms ever known to man. Em and I are sharing and it is like being inside a hot water cupboard, we have a big mirror which is deeply deceiving as you open the door as it looks like there is another realm to explore but sadly there isn’t and so we can only be in there together once I have climbed up the ladder into my bunk. Not the kind of place to spend any time in, and hot, so very very hot. We are confused by the air con system so opened the cat flap-like window and just the air from the baking streets rushes in. Nevertheless, the bar downstairs is like a dreamy bordello and we managed to spend most of our week’s per diems on 2 beers. Hurrah.

We then decided to split into small collectives and discover this city on foot, although we do get free bikes to ride about on but in this city it is very confusing about where to cycle and the cab drivers don’t seem to care much about you when on two wheels, so the three amigos and Kavus walked down one of the never ending lengths of an avenue and found ourselves on various bars, in a burger place and then in a small un-air conditioned bar with only us patronising. Emily was a big hit with Leo the barman who we then discovered just wanted to fill us up with booze, woo Emily and ultimately confuse us into paying a lot more than we had bargained for, for our drinks, this was swiftly rectified and we got out of there as soon as the free whiskey shots stopped. Em and I then walked back to the hotel with a new friend who protected us from a massive man demanding money from us, and soon we were in the depths of the darkened and sexy looking bar of the hotel, we met the other ladies and we danced and there was a friend of a friend who works for Ferrari in NYC what a lucky chap..he moved here from Norwich, double lucky. Yesterday’s fun times had taken its toll and we squeezed ourselves back into our one up one down living quarters and slept like steerage hostages in our exquisite and very trendy hotel.

This morning Anna and I found a diner!!! Oh how I love a diner and we had blueberry pancakes and maple syrup and the world regained its balance and all was super excellent. Walking around the hot steaming streets of New York so early in the morning was wonderful and we navigated our way back via the Hudson River. The romance of this place is abundant and the feeling of being inside a very hectic episode of a New York popular series is all around, even down to the steaming drain covers, which Emily tells me is the methane of the cities inhabitants, which I didn’t realise and didn’t really stick around for long enough to try to get proof of. It does smell a bit funky at times so I believe her. Shameless methane.

I bought a necklace with a compass on. It is incredibly satisfying. I have always needed wanted a necklace with a compass on.

Into the van once again and off to the Monmouth County Library for a charity show for the survivors of Hurricane Sandy foundation, even driving through and seeing New Yorks skyline is an inspiration. If I didn’t feel so much pressure to be having a good time every single second then I would not be feeling so overwhelmed, but that will soon subside and pleasure will find us. But right now we are sat amongst the grass and spiders outside the library enjoying the heat of this day and preparing for this evenings show.

Today Paul purchased the largest grapes any of us had ever seen. We had better eat them all before we get back to the hotel otherwise he will not be able to fit them into his room.



3 thoughts on “New York New York

  1. While it is freakishly warm for October, it is still sooo much cooler than it had been all summer. Glad you didn’t visit in August. You’d have melted. Good luck at the Subculture tomorrow!

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