These days in NYC

Now where were we? Ahh yes that’s right, inside a small sweaty box room with no air con, no floor space to put anything and with lights that also don’t work, but we’re in Manhattan Baby!!!! This is day three and we are leaving this tall hot city and crossing the river to somewhere else today. The shy size of our rooms has really played havoc with our minds and like any caged animal we are itching to get away, but it is not all bad and I am sat in the gorgeous cafe downstairs feeling very Parisian about to eat some baked eggs and tucking into my latte.

So on Thursday we were at Monmouth County, inside the library with a big crowd and we received a lot of love after the show, as well as some hand made candies! Which Clarey above all was incredibly excited about, shouting at the top of her lungs, ‘I LOVE CANDLES’…. >er no Clarey, no they are candies not candles<…… 'Oh! I LOVE CANDIES', thank you for those Stephen. Then We loaded up the van and after the 1.5 hour drive back to Manhattan we then Loaded ourselves into the bar around the corner from the Hotel. Tortilla Flats, a Steinbeck novel I seem to recall, there they give us free shots and I'm pretty sure they didn't want to confuse us and the bill this time round, Which made us very happy. Maybe because of this we all (well not all, just the usual suspects) ended up swimming in the Hudson River. At the time seemed like a refreshing idea but then we all decided very quickly to hot foot it back across the road to to our hotel to have near on boiling hot showers to burn off the filth. The less said about that the better, mainly because I think it is probably an arrestable offence. Whoops.

Whilst we were there we saw the homeless guy who lived on our corner, manage to, out of a large piece of wood, whittle himself a guitar, an electric guitar. And just as we were leaving we saw him with his earphones on, plugged into his guitar and there he was, just playing away with the happiest smile on his face. Happiness right there on the corner of Jane Street, NYC style.

Our hotel turned into the place to be on Saturday night and, on our last night we managed to find the rooftop terrace, there was a little bit of haggling to be done to get us in, something about a private party, blah blah, we flashed our wee 'we are a band touring the states' card and in we went. Herman on the door was a tough guy to woo, but we managed to get him in the end.

Yesterday we had the most awesome gig in NYC, there was something incredibly magical in the air and we sang and moved like one throbbing organism, Maurice said he had never seen anything like it, and we were buzzing all the way through. So amazing to be this far into our tour, and even though we may have been suffering from the last evenings shenanigans and covered in traces of the river, we pulled it put of the bag enormously. We played NYC and we rocked it. And so we earned ourselves another night on the town…..however the one slice of delicious pizza that we had before the gig was the only thing lining our delicate bellies and so the booze hit harder on the brain and some of us ventured and some of us calmed and another night came and went.

Now I have lost track of what we've done and what I have written. I began with gusto in the van and the curly roads gave way to nausea and then I had to stop. Now we find ourselves on route to Boston inside the Olympos Diner, oh how we LOVE an American diner, there are scoops of tuna to be had with fries and I am going to tuck right in.

There are so many things to say but some things are forgotten or just a little too much for the daylight hours. 😉

Boston medieval chapel HERE WE COME. Only 2 more hours to drive.

By the way Emily. The Hudson is not a canal.


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