Traffic jam from NYC to Boston.

Wow, traffic, the traffic! After Olmpos the diner where superheroes eat, we hit severe traffic and were suddenly made incredibly late with 200 miles to go. Many calls were made to the medieval chapel St Auburn, in Boston and when we arrived the audience were filing in and getting seated even before we managed to park and unload. Amazingly and luckily it was an acoustic gig so we just needed to shift all the suitcases out the way to get out the drums and instruments and dresses. We wooshed into the dressing room area, which was resplendent with edible delights wonderfully laid out for us by Matthew Morino, and popped on our dresses (make up and hair was dealt with in the back of the van en route) and ran through the back stairs on to the stage area of the lovely chapel and began the show, all like a whirlwind. After being in such a stressed rush it was like having an hour long slow outbreath, and we calmly performed our most acoustically suitable set to a filled nave (seems like a bit of a weird sentence especially – ‘a filled nave’ – but that is the bit in the church where the people sit, Emily said, mind you she did keep referring to the Hudson as a canal, hmmm). It was a wonderfully enjoyable gig, and even though we hadn’t worked out where anyone was going to stand or quite what we were going to do, we worked it well. We managed to negate round the massive pulpit to the right which, if we stood near it half the audience would not have been able to see us. Due to this slightly weird/beautiful scenario and space and not having had any rehearsal in it we did a fair bit of wafting about and it felt very much like we were part of one big ethereal jellyfish constantly floating and undulating, which was a new experience and a rather enjoyable one. I plopped my flatfoot board right into the middle of the space for ‘Love Me Broughte’ and was pleasantly surprised by the awesome acoustic of my shoes clacking down on my trusty wooden platform. Yes it was a lovely gig, although strangely sweaty, maybe that was the adrenalin of being so late and running into something that became a hushed halt after such a manic arrival.

Afterward we had half an hour to enjoy the food that had been brought in especially, for us. We enjoyed our meal with the lovely Matthew, and there were delights for all vegans and veggies and enough meat for us carnivores – although I’ve been told thrice on this tour that I am a latent vegetarian, we shall see. After that we were wooshed out again of the chapel and off to our new hotel 40 mins down the road.

Even though this day was spent in the van and then an hours release into the still world, and essentially it becoming a bit of a non day, it ended up well. We met, yet again, more lovely people and fans and so when we arrived in our hotel, (the three amigos back together as one, minus havoc on this night) we all decided to call it a day and thus enjoyed some headphone and watching of films time (well after I went to look at the pool and ended up swimming in it unexpectedly, I love an unexpected swim, well unless I have been pushed in, which is NOT fun, but that’s not the kind of unexpected that I mean, a happy unexpected swim is the thing).

the rooms are ENORMOUS in comparison and so mental well-being has readjusted and now there is a joy in the air. however, it is my turn to sleep on the ‘put up’ bed and in the middle of the night after feeling like my shoulder had impacted into the side of my body, like I had been lying on a wall, I went into the bathroom only to catch my reflection which was covered in bright red circles. The springs on this bed had imprinted themselves on to my skin, never you worry, I have documented this and on my newly planned ‘subscription’ blog you can view it, along with all the other snaps of all our many American capers.

America is now raining at us and this is good because we are all feeling the impending end of the tour, which is very sudden and now we all have to put our heads on the right way round. Tomorrow will be a day of long haul travel and we will re enter the British timezone and I have to go straight into another work space and get on with all that. but I shall elect not to think of that for now.

this morning I had a waffle, the ones you make yourself, with bacon and maple syrup. Thought I should lap it up while I still can.

Oh and Emily managed to block break the toilet again. Only temporarily this time, but still, it’s like we started as we meant to go on.

Ps. There isn’t really going to be a subscription blog.



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