And that was that

And then we were home again. So much travelling and so many hours awake when I should have been asleep have jostled my mind about and now it is daytime when it was nighttime and the weather is so cold and now I sit in my favourite cafe at the top of the park trying to recall the last few days in the States and I am having to add a lot more salt to my English food. I am not even using any punctuation, see how jet lag has caused me strife.

So our last gig was in Rhode Island, fortunately it was not hot and sunny and the leaves were turning the trees red and yellow and we realised that we really were in October, the fall. We stopped at a liquor store on the way and were greeted by a tiny little pretend man that resembled the butler of a very darkly haunted house…..yes Halloween approaches and as usual America cannot fail to impress. We had the sound check, everyone feeling a little less excited because we were nearly going home, and so a few of us treated ourselves to a trip to the local and enormous Sunday flea market. Oh there were many trinkets to be had, and a small old lady had an excellent array of things, all of which were apparently from the 50’s, ahh how she knew how to push my buttons and so I purchased charms to the max, even though they were most definitely not from the 50’s.

Sound check then gig at the Blackwater Theatre. The ladies dressing room was awash with screams and nonsense, all of which was not for public consumption, which was unfortunate as the toilets were adjacent to our dressing room and I bet there were some ears a flame in the audience that night. Whoops. However, It became very emotional when we recorded a video to send to a lady who’s friend and colleague had written to us and requested we sang her a song, as her friend Was very very poorly, and so we did. Katharine then sang the most beautiful song and the room was quietend with strong emotion. I am incredibly sad to say that we found out, after we got back, that Karien had passed away maybe at the time in which we were recording. I’m not sure whether this is appropriate to write about her in this blog entry but it struck all our hearts and we hope her soul ascended to heaven with a song in her heart and is now safely at peace with the angels. Bless you.

We performed our show with gusto and there were many smiles shared amongst us, knowing that we had had an amazing time with you all in America and so we had a great final gig. I may have had a little too much medicinal wine and forgot how to introduce the instrumentalists, but hey, we worked hard and I managed to cobble over it. At least this time I did not accidentally say ‘and Paul Winter-Hart on drugs’ instead of DRUMS. Afterwards we headed back to the hotel and decided to all go and sample the delights of the next door Irish bar.

Now this WAS an evening filled with immense amusement. There was a blues jam happening, and within 20 minutes the musicians were sniffing about gagging to play along. We commandeered the little ledge on the back of the stage for after hours Baebes dancing and then before we knew it we were singing an almost hard rock version of ‘the Snake’, Kavus on electric guitar and Paul on a full drum kit, sadly it was a bit of a travesty and I think we decided never to speak of it again, but I doubt they will read this so am hoping this doesn’t count. Anna Tam was on form in the middle of the band straddling her gamba and then Katharine pulled put the most extraordinary display of jazz recorder I think the world has ever quite seen, Will Ferral would’ve turned his back and slunk off in shame with his jazz flute between his legs had he witnessed such an epic performance. then Joe the sound man grabbed hold of Katharine’s violin and started to Jazz away – I think he was, but I can’t quite remember what he was playing. I was dancing very hard and trying to film everything, but there was almost too much complete madness going on all around me to try to begin to concentrate on one thing. Clarey sat atop the snare drum as our manager Maurice took to the kit, and thrashed away. Clarey was in fine fettle swishing her locks about and was just getting going when the drummer kindly asked her to get off his drum. Too much to be said, but Katharine and I decided to have a wee night swim in the hotel pool before heading to bed, I think this was at 3am and the reception man was not best pleased, but he was placated and we exited and then that was that.

The next day was difficult for all of us, but we were numbed to the fact that we had to go home so it was probably for the best. And also we had to ensure that we would sleep on the way home so this was named ‘responsible partying’ and all under control so that was good. We drove for hours and hours, stopping at one of only 5 amazing diners that were left in the States, it was in a proper old trailer/slip stream/not quite sure how to describe it, but it was my perfect vision of the typical American diner and I was so happy. We ate and then were whisked, by our awesome designated driver M, to Newark airport. much deliberating was done and a lot of hard bargaining was had to get all of our cases and kit on to the plane without incurring further costs, although the wonderful magic staff did cost $90 to get on – and nearly forgotten on the other end!

The flight was the red eye, some of us had whole rows of seats to ourselves. AMAzING. And how we slept, or didn’t quite sleep when we should’ve been sleeping. I had to down some travel sickness tablets and a healthy dose of wine to get my brain to wind down and accept slumber.

British soil was reached and we got our things, nearly not the magic staff, and went on our merry ways home. I had to be somewhere at midday and so that day was relentless but the sleep and bed came and now we are back.

We, the Mediaeval Baebes, Thank You America for having us. You stole my heart a little bit. And let’s hope the missing part of Katherine’s mind has stopped floating above the Atlantic and is safely back. Oh and watch out NYC Esther is MIA somewhere on your streets.

Over and out until Christmas time, where the cathedrals are most certainly open armed and ready to embrace us.


3 thoughts on “And that was that

  1. Dearest Josephine,
    Thank you for the tour blog, and thank you ALL for the music and friendship!
    Jes Pascua
    Alexandria, Virginia

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