Well hello Winter and all that comes with it.

BBbbbrrrr, and so the gloves are new (hard to find a ‘real wool’ pair these days!) and a new poncho was purchased just this very day. All  is being prepped for the up-coming evenings spent moving about in the seasonal chill of Crimble-tide.


So, the States were amazing, those 2 weeks were joy filled and passed all too quickly and now we have slid down the thermometer and find ourselves plunging into the candlelit darkness of stone walled buildings of great majesty and filled with the scent of cinnamon and mulled wine. All that with no punctuation. Shameless.


Firstly though, we Baebes found ourselves driven across town last Monday and ended up inside a wonderful analogue studio to record three songs for the online DW sessions for ‘The Sun’. (to be viewed soon on their website – should you be a paying customer). We were very well looked after and after being filmed and recorded, and even had a sneaky chance to listen to it all, we sounded on form indeed. And so our excitement was confirmed about the Christmas tour and how it is going to sound like the inside of an incredibly festive, beauteously complicated Christmas trifle of happiness and joy. YES!


ImageAnd today we saw this little beauty pop up in the very same paper……Something to lavish your ears upon.


So this was just a little wee tipple on which to whet your whistle – the tour blogs will come thick and fast. We just need to warm our cockles and fire up the engines – and with that said Monday the 18th heralds our ‘OF KINGS AND ANGELS’ album release. Mince Pies and Mulled Wine abounds. Come all ye Faithfuls, we shall see thee SOON x



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