The Launch


And so, above, you will notice Emily-the-fairylight-queen adorning the wonderful alcove space in the Swiss Church, Covent Garden, where we launched our new album ‘Of Kings and Angels’ on to the world, last Monday. What a beautiful event indeed, We had home made Christmas cake and mince pies and mulled wine courtesy of our wonderful Sara Silver and Maurice kept the troublemakers out (or perhaps that was ‘in’, bearing in mind the amount of nearest and dearest we had with us).


We sang three accapella (oh! My spell check tells me this is the wrong spelling, but does not offer any other alternatives – Napoleon said ‘bring me solutions not problems’, spellcheck you are disappointing) – Anyway we all know Acapella is spelt with one ‘C’ (now it is saying that is wrong too, and is offering me ‘apace’ instead) Arghh, I digress, obviously. The three songs were “The Angel Gabriel’ ‘Gaudete’ and “There is no rose’. Now, had you been there you would agree with me that it was like having chocolate poured into your ears – Purely because it was the MOST amazing acoustic. It was so watery and thick that I almost could not decipher betwixt voices, nearly sending me a little off in another direction, but I managed to colour code the voices being received into my ears and all was well. Ah the joys of synesthesia. So we sang and goosebumps were raised and it was a wonderful joy to sing in there, and as I looked across to my gang of peoples I felt like having a proud wee sob, as many of them had never seen us, and that was the BEST place in which to indulge ones auditory senses.


Oh and then off we ventured into the Westend, however, our special skill of being able to loose each other in a very small section of the world was strong that night and, as usual, information was lost along the way. We almost separately ended up in 6 different venues, thus ensuing half an hour of madly texting and chasing each other about town. However, there was a large number of us, with many an ex-Baebe in tow (it was a luscious fest of ladies, with Rabbit, Melpomoni, Ruth, and a double Nicole-age with Sleety and Frobusch) with partners and friends, and such as life, it is always a bit like herding chicken. However we finally managed to get most of us in one place alas minus Esther and Clarey then we zoomed off in cabs to a new little members club in Camden town, we swiftly gulped down a big gin in then, via the falafel King, we wended our ways home. All class and style.


And so we are launched and the tour begins. With a swish new van, some velvet cloaks and hopefully a range of thermals in colours that match our dresses.






One thought on “The Launch

  1. It’s a cappella (two words, “in the manner of the chapel”) in Italian. Often spelled acapella in English usage, since that form came to us from Mediaeval Latin. However you spell it, I’m sure it was quite beautiful.

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