Hello Guildford and the Christmas Tour


Where: Guildford Holy Trinity Church.

When: Thursday the 21st November.

Temperature: FREEZING.

Solution to beating the cold: Bernadette Mills’ Amazing fleece lined, crushed velvet cloaks. 

So the tour has begun, well the first show has been and gone and now we are all set and ready for the rest of our tour, especially now we have our cold combatting cloaks! We loaded up into our VERY swish new van. This baby has reclining seats, our own personal and controllable heating system, a table WITH cup holders, DVD player, USB charger and a neon sign on the back wall which can either be pink or blue…oh and hold on, I almost forgot……a bed (well it is more of a padded parcel shelf but Darren the driver sleeps on it and says it is fine).

Guildford seemed very happy today, as today was the day of the Christmas lights, Bonnie Langford was set to grace the balcony with her teeny frame and flick the switch – as it were – later that eve. So, we were treated to reindeers, elves, balloons and a lot of Newfoundland dogs decorated and attached to tinsel covered carts, not entirely sure what they were meant to be pulling in those carts but I am pretty sure they are not really built for that. THEN we had the joy of performing a one off little afternoon set in Cafe Nero. So off we swooshed down the street, all red dresses and flowers in hair. We met Sarah and Clarey, who had been hiding out in the disabled toilet, in the cafe. There is NO END to the glamour of this band. And we were placed in front of the big windows to sing three a cappella (Thank you Bill and everyone else) songs for the customers. We are doing this because the wonderful people at Nero have agreed to play our album in store and so over the next month we shall be descending upon various Neros’s as soon as we arrive in whichever town, to serenade the mothers, babies and old chaps with their teas and steaming hot cappuccinos. 

Then, via the shop to get some heavy duty thermal tights we wandered back to the church, which was actually heated, to our great joy and surprise. We are hoping that this tour starts as it means to go on and that somehow each Cathedral has been blessed with wonderful new heating systems, but alas, I think probably not, and so we shall dream of tights with in-built heating systems and we will eat Ready Brek at every possible moment to ensure total insulation and an orange external glow to fight off the cold advancing at us from all angles. It is just the stone cold floors that really start the freezing process off, many a ballet pump may be viewed under our long dresses however, some of the Baebes like to keep it natural to the max, and insist, even if we were outside, that naked feet is the way. Fortunately due to my foot percussion ways, I get to – sometimes – keep my shoes on, but there really is something odd about the sensation of ones feet on freezing concrete/marble slabs, and the way that the deep dark coldness seeps into your bones from your sole into your soul. And so anyone who has developed a foot covering that does not look massively like a shoe but is also fleece lined and prevents the hundreds years of freeze that has penetrated the cathedral stone from getting into our bodies, is most welcome to ask us to test them out.

Anyway where were we? Yes! Guildford, we were warmer than we thought and so vocally we were happy. Alas though, we were one down in Guildford, as Esther was very poorly. So we went on without her, and even though the incredible Anna Tam was there to lend us her beautiful vocal tones, the line up was not complete and we missed our wee Dee very much. However, we trooped onward and upward. It was our first themed-to-the-seaon gig of the year and so we were all sleigh bells and Ding dongs, and we are yet to unleash more carols into the world, but we thought we would try out a few before the season really hits its apex of total Christmas-ness. And, after a lot of hanging about, then sound check, then listening to the town getting excited about the lights, and then the horrific bangs of the fireworks (really am the only person I know with a genuine firework fear (which, in double brackets, is very uncharacteristic), it has built up over the years, mainly because when I was young a wooden stake, the size of my friends child, landed in between me and my friend. This was from a FIREWORK. Now, had that actually hit someone, it would have most definitely been like a scene out of Peter Jacksons ‘Bad Taste’ film. What goes up must come down and I can’t wait until they design a firework that does not need a piece of wood to be attached to it in order for it to soar high into the sky, only then to have to return to earth). After all that we did our show, we then signed our new album and then packed up and left in our swish new van, to be delivered home by the wonderful Darren.

It was VERY exciting signing our new album and yesterday we discovered that we had gone straight in to Number 8 in the Classical Album Charts (whoops only meant to make the ‘8’ bold, but actually we are very pleased so I thought I would leave it bold). And so we hope that we will see it grow and grow. Now I must gather my things and meet the ladies on the Southbank a bit later today as we have a very lovely engagement of which I shall not disclose now. BUT you WILL get to see us in the ‘DW sessions’ for the Sun online very soon, as well as lot’s of other wonderful live TV and Radio dates further into the season. But for now, do feel free, should thou be compelled, to request a tune from our album to be played on BBC Classic FM, as we should be delighted for the air time and Christmas will rain (reign?) down on us all in the most delightful way. I love this album so much and I feel like I have tinsel in my ears every time I hear it.

Until very soon, happy end of NOV bring on DEC. x


One thought on “Hello Guildford and the Christmas Tour

  1. Wow-wee, exciting stuff… and TV!!! Been thinking about you all in the cold, you can buy battery heated clothes:

    Heated insoles:

    Heated socks

    Or a heated rug maybe?
    Love your blogs they always make us laugh.

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