Well, hello Gloucester.

Time whizzes by so fast, right now, as I sit on my sofa, I know I should be out looking for the three separate Secret Santa’s that I need to buy for tomorrow – However, I also feel the need to remember our last three shows, No! Four, see I have already forgotten.


First up was, the wonderous Gloucester, in my mind this was the one with the gurneys. I love a good gurney, but alas nay – that was still one whole cathedral away. Gloucester has the ‘Cloisters’ (this word is sailing very close to one of my most despised words, purely because of the combination of consonants), however, one simply cannot deny the beauty of these cloisters….Oh and the secret lush greenery of the inner quadrant.


So beautiful and of course, where Harry Potter was filmed – well some of it, and if you look on the popular video viewing channel on the ehthernet know as ‘You Tube’ you can see a family made video of their visit to the cathedral, where they get a guided tour of where and what was filmed at various spots. This particular video has been cut with scenes from the actual films, too. I just watched the whole 4.31 mins. (its called Harry Potter and Gloucester Cathedral…shhhhh). ANYWAY, This is where we have the largest dressing room, with a massive table each, and here is a picture of Sarah at her, what we call, ‘Station’.



As you can see, A LOT of space. And even room for Darren, our driver, to have an incredibly LOUD sleep on the floor too. We had a lot of time in here as, this time of year the Cathedrals are filled with the amazing Evensong between 5 and 6 so we do our load in, then pootle about for a bit waiting for the time when we can soundcheck before the show. Gloucester centre was not incredibly open or available for shopping however Emily and I did manage to find ourselves a couple of little gems in the ‘Help for Heroes’ Charity shop.

This was Ems favourite……..





And this eloquent little beauty was my favourite…….



Yes, I too was surprised.


Anyhoo…….Back to the Cathedral, sound check time came around and we were amazed at how our voices swam around the space like resonant heat-seeking missiles, almost boomeranging back to us. It is so extraordinary how different each show is and how long it takes to get the balance right of the vocals and the band, it is all fine tuning and tweaking. It can be unsettling at first, but then the PA settles in and our sound man smooths out as much as he can, and all is well – when 6 voices are amplified inside an incredibly cavernous stone building then it is going to sound, especially when there is no one soaking up the sound, like spirits swarming around very fast like a chaotic soup of colour and sound.


Again we were thrilled to meet as many of our audience as possible at the signings and then it was soon time to get back in the van and zoom off to our luxury suites awaiting us at the Travelodge down the road, no expense spared, thank you Maurice ;). This was our last stay away so we decided to re-inact a scene from ‘the most awkward nightclub in the world’ film (which has not yet been made and may never be, but it is alright because we know what it looks like and it is going to be a rubbish film anyway, so probably best). Main points of note were, trying to dance to Katkins playlist which was coming out of her phone very quietly, people awkwardly standing about in the corners of the room, whilst others were dancing to tiny music, some people dancing with the wall – Thank you Anna, and all done in the tiny patches of floor which were around the third spare bed/mattress which was in the middle of the floor and didn’t need to be there at all anyway. Then everyone went off into the bright bright corridors and that was that.


The next morning arrived and there we were, in the countryside somewhere, surrounded by a very busy motorway on one side and our Travelodge and a Starbucks on the other side. With no other option we one by one arrived at their counter, ordered coffee and something to eat and then we sat for a bit. Poor Katkins was very upset that morning, having woken up with impacted wisdom tooth pain, which had taken over the inside of her mouth, so it was operation ‘get Kat to the docs immediately’ so they went off in Maurice’s car ahead to Peterborough, requesting the rabbity rabbity-ness of Kavus, Torabi FM to keep her distracted from the pain in her mouth. And then we all followed in the big van, my Spanish ‘Duolingo’ app is SO excellent for long van journeys. Today was leaning all about how ‘I do no touch meat’ and ‘your cats eat pasta’ Thrilling, I cannot wait to start flashing about my Spanish sentences!


Time has trotted on faster than I had hoped, this morning – Time to get my secret santa shopping on. Next instalment – Peterborough, Bracknell and London…… Until next time, mañana.



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