Happy New 2014

So! Where were we?

Hello and Happy New Year to you all. Hope you managed to get a dose of Christmas Baebes-ness through the radio airwaves on Christmas day.

A lot of time has passed and this 2014 is well under way. I have even managed to squeeze in a week in Iceland, and am incredibly happy to report that I, on the very first night of 2014, managed to see the MOST extraordinary and beautiful display of the Aurora Borealis. Happiness abounds. However, I had imagined that this experience would’ve been somewhat still and calm and atop a snowy mountain, where all sound was dulled perfectly due to the powdery snow surrounding us (in my mind there are only about 4 people there) and that we all encounter some sort of incredibly poignant moment of pure epiphany whilst looking up at the Northern lights with gentle tears of awe rolling down my cheeks. However, in reality there were about 200 people, we were all piled out on to a very smelly iced over and dangerously slippery lava field in the dark, whilst enduring 38 miles per hour freezing winds in the face, much akin to being pelted with frozen rocks…in the face, it was so cold that i could not get my gloves off to get my camera out, and then we had to fiddle about to sort out the exposure of the camera THEN had to kneel on the icy solid ground to lean the camera against a rock to get a good photo, all this whilst the sound of the bitter wilderness is tearing about your face and ears creating a horribly ferocious sound, and all you can think is ‘I just want to get back on the bus, it is warm and I can see the lights through the window’. But, romance prevails and no one got back on to any of the many buses and we all stood about for an hour, watching the beauty of the sky, whilst various extremities began to freeze solid.

This is the best picture that I took…..



Anyhooooo, back to the Baebes. What other way would we want to spend Christmas eve and Christmas day than with each other! What a wonderful seasonal time we shared together. Even though it seemed a little bit insane having to get up at 4.00am on Christmas eve and sit – thankfully – in a cab and try hard to achieve some sort of vocal clarity that early in the morning.  I have no idea where the studios were or where we were whisked too that day, but we were dressed and made up (even with a wee ‘touch up’ from the studio make up peoples, I really must get some mac, it truly is the best make-up) by some ridiculous time in the morning, maybe we were ready at 7.00 or something – we had to be, so that we could run in to the studio whenever the commercial breaks came on, so that we could rehearse when they were off air. All this LIVE business is like tip toeing around on egg shells.


In and out and in and out we ran, we did three rehearsals in all and then 8.20 came and it suddenly dawned on us that we were not just performing ‘Ding Dong’ to the people that we could see straight in front of us in the studio, but that we were to be beamed across the nation on peoples tellybobs to be seen LIVE, and there was no going back. ’tis a different thing to being on stage indeed. However, the lights were fab and our dresses shone out as well as our shimmering mac covered cheekbones, and we were so happy to have Jenny and Kavus there instrumentaling along, and then we finished and that was that! I squeezed in a little chat with Kate Garraway, I recalled an evening that she had spent dancing along to me instructing her and many others at a Barn dance and then we were whisked off set.

Back in the dressing room we had a wee rehearsal for the big Radio 2 Christmas day extravaganza and then we all got picked up and driven home. Taxi’s (legit real ones, not the scary ones of the adverts) really are fab.

Oh and then it was Emilys birthday – well that whole day was Emilys birthday…..So an evening visit to the public house was in-store, however, so was an early night as we had to get to the Radio 2 building in town for 7.00. Quick celebrations then, oh yes! We watched Ghostbusters and the second that Emily popped her head onto the sofa cushion she started to snore, immediately. ZZZzzzzzzz

Christmas DAY…… Wooosh, there we were all in the reception area, all excited and pre Christmas morningy. Then we were taken, by the producers husband, who doesn’t even work in radio, but had chosen to spend the morning there with his wife and help out, bless him, all whilst wearing the most awesome Christmas jumper…he took us to the room upstairs which has the Elton John signed piano in it! There we waited and then went into the studio pre 8.00am to do a little sound check and then Clare Balding arrived and away we went….Again we were snuck in and out of the studio when the recorded pieces were on, with much ‘ssshhing’ and tip toeing about, until we were allowed to open our lungs and sing out to the rest of the UK on Christmas day! Waiting was also fun, there was a polar bear ornament, just big enough to have a lenthgy photo session with, however, the photos will only be up loaded to the ‘Subscribe only’ blog (still obviously only a fantasy page). I was a little bit disappointed by the BBC’s lack of catering for us though, we were offered a mince pie and a tin of Quality Street – this was breakfast and henceforth the only food we could get our hands on, because central central London, on Christmas day has NO open food outlets, and thus when I arrived to my Christmas day dwelling I was almost half dead through starvation. 

But we had a joyous time together and, because it was Christmas day, and we had pre booked cabs at pretty much 10.00 am on the dot, we were suddenly all gone in all separate directions and that was that . But we did manage to squeeze in our Secret Santa, which I think by the time we had managed to pop the presents under our adopted tree we had already worked out who had given who what, but it was a lovely moment and perfectly rushed and hectic, hurray!!!


Now we are meeting with next year in mind and we have a lot of lovely things to be thinking about. Oh and in the next blog I may be able to talk about the lovely thing we did in November which we have not been allowed to talk about until it has been released in Jan. Woop.


Hope this 2014 has started well, and off I go to work on this fine Saturday….Hidden in a dark den controlling a dark world from beneath the peoples feet.




3 thoughts on “Happy New 2014

  1. a perfect enigmatic closing sentence… now I must imagine what it is you might be doing down in the catacombs beneath the wandering masses….. Oooooo !!! Mysterious indeend.. 🙂 x

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