NYC we came, we sang, we left you for Miami

It was like a dream, we arrived at JFK airport early on Friday morning with many many cases filled with instruments, dresses and crowns, all new and flowing. The air was crisp and NYC shone like a newly buffed crystal, right into our tired and jet lagged eyes.


Hello old, beautiful and bestest chum, we’ve come to hang out with you again, but it is going to be brief and busy, so strap in sister.

Firstly we waited for quite some time for our dear leader Maurice (at this particular point in time Maurice was our allocated leader however, due to some very exciting and satisfying moments, the role of leader was passed around due to whoever happened to execute a particularly heroic act, thus receiving, momentarily said leader status). We were enraptured to finally meet our wheeled beast that was to carry our load for the next few days in and around our beloved New York. We filled her up to the brim and got on with finding our merry way to Williamsburg.

Now, this is the easy part – getting us all to the same place at the same time, however, we then had to decide between the 12 of us, what the plan for the rest of the day was. As we were on, stay up and ride through the day like it is actually daytime and not really nighttime for our actual souls, watch there were many options to choose from and many separate desires to cater for, so Clarey, Em, Katherine and I jumped into a cab and wooshed our way over the iconic Brooklyn Bridge and headed straight for our favourite place of discovery last year – the Meatpacking district and The Jane hotel. We dropped Clarey off to do some yogic postulating, as per usual, and Kat, Em and I tried to fulfil the remaining three parties wishes. These were 1. buy some boots to replace recently broken ones, 2. Purchase miracle ‘de puff/reduce eye bag’ serum, 3. Find a pub.


Happily all requests were met and Em and I found ourselves in a Mexican tapas joint on 6th avenue treating ourselves to a marghertia and, my favourite, a Blue Moon. Then we discovered Ben the drummer was inTimes Square and so we, in true ‘wow-I’ve-always-wanted-to-hail-a-yellow-cab’ style, decided to join him before our planned rendezvous with Katherine and Clarey back in the bar at The Jane hotel. My wow! Times Square much to Emily’s ‘oh it’s just like a big version of Piccadilly Circus we don’t need to go there’ protestations, was JUST magical and massive and bright and busy and freezing cold and everything one would hope the festive season to be in Times Square, Emily was suitably silenced by its enormity and sheer vastness of unnatural light source, which made me happy and then we all jollied off to be shown by Ben how to successfully use the subway (Ben thus becoming hero for the moment and successfully obtaining leader status) we were then unsuccessfully trapped in the subway for a lot longer than anticipated but we finally made our way to our waiting ladies at The Jane. I threw back a $17 glass of red and off we trotted back to Brooklyn to discover the joys of Bedford. We all finally converged and descended upon a Thai place with obscenely large portions and, after much sharing of our days New York experiences we nearly all fell asleep into our respective Thai dishes so we found our way back to our incredibly spacious and rather too enthusiastically heated hostel and dropped our bodies heavily on to our beds and slammed straight into unconsciousness.


Day 2. The breakfast and Philly.

Never, would I wake up at 7.00 and happily allow myself to bumble about. Today was that day, but time isn’t time anymore and no hours belong to me or my waking/sleeping mind body or soul, so it doesn’t count. But at some point, the other ladies were gathered and we walked to find breakfast.

Many extraordinary treasures were found on this morning, Brooklyn being the biggest treasure of all, amongst $1 faux gold earrings to rival any Latina chicka and the amazing Lydia’s lingerie store with its exquisite selection of shimmering frocks and the fascinating array of ladies undergarments with fitted silicone enhancements for the buttock region. The item that particularly intrigued Pom was the bottom lifting undergarments, far too time consuming and complicated to describe right now as I have days of catch up to do but nonetheless it was something to really grab her attention. Whether or not she actually purchased these shall remain, to you, dear reader, a mystery – that’s just more content for the subscribers channel 😉

We found breakfast under a rail bridge in a diner called Bed Stuys diner. They were amazing people, so stoically terrifying and yet also so warm, and I FINALLY got to experience the free coffee refill. I may have over indulged in the coffee department but it was actually happening, right there, in front of me, for real. We have to make sure we experience these simple yet extraordinary moments to the full I say. Breakfast was ordered and we documented everything as much as possible and before we knew it we only had 10 minutes to eat these massive breakfasts. We paid up and ran out the door whilst still gathering our things and ran over to the hostel. Maurice the bus man was tapping on his watch and saying something annoying as we got in JUST before our leaving time and then we were suddenly wooshed out of the bosom of Brooklyn and sped our way towards Philadelphia for our first engagement of the tour at The Music Centre in Exton, PA for the ‘Echoes’ Living Room sessions.


We left NYC in sunshine and arrived in Exton, PA amongst a carpet of snow. Beautiful vistas of this part of America covered in many inches of fairy dust were photographed and we finally, after some minutes of driver/Sat Nav error, arrived and loaded in the many many instruments that now exist within the Baebes bands repertoire courtesy of Charlie Cawood. We met the velvety voiced John Diliberto, who guided us through the recording of the Seasonal sessions, Living Room Sessions. We sang a good few songs – as yet undisclosed, you’ll have to wait until it is released! And even debuted one of our most seasonal songs. A very enjoyable afternoon was had with the team at The Music Center in Exton and we made our way back to NYC via one of the largest pharmacies I have ever seen.

Fortunately there was a bar just a hop skip and a jump away from the hostel, oH and a medical canteen called Los Artos, no autocorrect I meant Mexican, not medical. So we crammed our faces full of delicious and no frills actual real Mexican food and headed to the ‘bar’ – it didn’t seem to have a name, it just said BAR In red neon outside – to see in lady Sophie of the Ramsay’s upcoming birthday celebrations.


So, In we went. Katherine was quick to ask the young barman which cocktail is most likely to make us feel ‘quite happy and relaxed’ as quickly as possible. It was early, we had limited drinking time before our enforced curfew pre big Rough Trade gig next day. So we discovered it was something called a ‘Negrini’, THAT was delicious and immediately we were indeed feeling ‘quite happy and relaxed’ and even a little excitable as the minutes were drawing close to Sophie’s special day. Some more liquid libations were enjoyed and we sang the merry tune of birthday celebratory joy to our Scottish princess and after we had become as happy and relaxed as we felt was necessary we headed back to bed land.


One thought on “NYC we came, we sang, we left you for Miami

  1. Sounds like you are having a fab time. Enjoy the rest of your journey and I look forward to reading about them. If you have a moment please take a look at my blog and let me know what you think. Hopefully you will enjoy it? Many thanks. Gavin

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