Day 6, holy hell where are we now? Oh yes, Palm Beach, FL.


A poolside room = easy morning swimming time. One by one we all made our way, in the morning sunshine to the pool via the breakfast room. I very nearly neglected to add maple syrup to my bacon, but Ben drummer, in his consistent role of ‘hero’ kindly reminded my by way of smothering his enormous waffle in it (not a euphemism).

After a morning of gathering and a big group hug we hit the road and headed to Stuart. Now this day was a very special day. We like to call it ‘hospital-gate’ day. Sophie has had a bit if a tumultuous time throat-wise and so she was sent to see a doctor, however, Clarey, this fine morning, began to experience some chest pains. After a lot of calm to middling panic, the consensus was that she should accompany Sophie to see the doc and see what happens. So after dropping us off at the new and wonderfully huge venue at the Palm Beach State College, Maurice ‘hero/daddy’ whisked them both off to see said doctor.


And thus we waited. After setting up and making the new ‘rhomboid’ design on the stage with the mics (yes, I know it is not officially a rhomboid but we have created a new creative language, I may even treat you to what each of the hand moves are named, but that is for another day). We……as in Pom, Emily, Katharine and I decided to check out the surrounding area. We were however in a vast and sprawling campus that seemed to have no noticeable end or relatively close town centre. We did manage to find a small enclave of stores and a filthy but delicious Mexican canteen adorned with heart shaped balloons and filled with people in Hospital scrubs. There, we experienced the most delicious Mexican cuisine and we were happy ladies smothering ourselves in finest guacamole and shoving $1 tacos and tostadas on our mouths.



We walked back to campus and felt very much like we were 4 perspiring ladies on a Floridian holiday. We decided to have a wee nap/slip into a food coma. There was a room filled with sofas so we top and tailed and fell into some deep sleeps, I even managed to have a small dribble onto the cushion, like a unicorn releasing magic im to the soft void, this is always a good sign of an excellent slumber. However, the air con, that evil construct of man, froze into our bones and we all awoke with barely any voice and covered in a film of goosebumps and frozen air. So we hot footed it outside, but the clouds had rolled in and there as no warmth to be found. We’d left all our clothes in the van, which at this point in the day was still in hospital and so was Clarey! We’d had word that she had been referred to A&E….uh ohhhhh, and her wee heart was mumering away and they wanted to give her a good once over (!).

So we sat on the grass with chattering teeth and discussed the option of the show without Clarey. The boys came along after they had been to the same enclave but opted for the Italian, and then Ben came out and distributed his warm items of clothing to us all. Hero, again. Much deliberation was had and we made a plan B and just had to wait.


We waited until 30 mins before stage time, And to our utter joy Maurice, Sophie and Clarey came whooshing into the theatre and we were extremely thrilled to have our septet all fixed and ready to go. PHEW!

The show was very enjoyable and the audience were just wonderful, again at signing time we were received by a round of applause and once again we met many of the lovely citizens of Palm Beach, and even some fans that had travelled a VERY long way to come and see us. So we had some lovely photos taken with them and it was time to gather our ivy and recorders, place them into the sacred holdall of magic and sparkle and load up the chariot of mediaeval joy and find our new hotel.

This hotel was exactly like the one we stayed in Annapolis last year. It was late-ish but we enjoyed some after show time in Anna’s room. She was the nights DJ taking requests from the visiting party goers and we may have even broken into a dance. That’s usually when Kelis gets pulled out of the bag. Anyhow I was keen to get a photo of the lift sign so I wandered off and found myself heading back to sleep HQ and that was hospital-gate day. (I have obviously omitted many details of hospital-gate day and the goings on, but as it is my blog and not theirs, it is not my information to relay, however, the utter panic and last minute decision making very much took it’s toll on our already fried brains but in the end all, as you can see, was well. Sometimes relief is a beautiful thing but isn’t it awful that we must suffer in the first place to experience the joy of relief).




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