Day 13, we drove, again, all day, from Oxford Mississippi to Fayetteville Arkansas.

Another day of driving. I forgot what happened so I made some notes.

These are the notes.

That’s about it really.

Breakfast, Katharine melted her stage cup, breakfast was bad. Met a lady from Essex, she was happy to her our accents. Em and Ben in lobby, Ben was doing his weird voice thing with phone. Sent off other drive day blog. Drove 7 hours to Fayetteville, Thai dinner, delicious and warm Sake, Sophie poured mine. I poured hers. On drive we went back via Memphis moz teased us saying we were going to Sun Studios but we weren’t. Cracker barrell lunch and ye olde rocking chair porch. Bought Christmas decs for my nieces. The water boy, the square in Fayetteville with magic lights. Bed for early night, get up at 04.45 tomorrow.


Here are pictures.









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