Day 14, Two tellies, the children, the lecture, 1200 people and a wee visit to the second hand store

Well my my my, time really has leapt away without me and I have almost forgotten myself and our American adventures to the toils of canal life. But here I sit, in my hometown, many miles from aforementioned stretches of water and finally I have both time and wifi to complete the last few days of our whirlwind tour – well it now seems like a whirlwind and geographically it was also said whirlwind but while we were there, we traversed the many seasons that it felt like months had parted each new venture.

So where were we, that’s right. We are now on to day 14. This is titled – two tellies, the children, the lecture, 1200 people and a wee visit to the second hand store.

So yes! Fayetteville, what a wonderful town. And we saw so much of it so very early in the morning. We were staying at a wonderfully large hotel right In the town centre and at 5.45, when it was still very DARK, we, just the Baebes had a rendezvous in the lobby in FULL regalia. Crowns, dresses, full faces et al. We met Erin and off we were whisked to the TV station to do not one but two early morning TV appearances, you know, the bit just before the commercials, or the end of the show. We sang Auld Langs Syne both times and it was a very exciting treat. We had to wait for a bit between shows and were sadly all a little starved so when we were finished we were then taken to a bagel place, it was a bit like Starbucks but full of bagels, ANY kind, in fact the ladies were so spoilt for choice that for some of them took quite some time to order, as I recall, waiting hungrily behind them. Beauties, all of them, however, I’d like to raise my hand as the – ‘I’m really not fussed what bagel it is or what I have in it, I would just like to put some food in my mouth immediately please’ Baebe, well for that moment anyway.

Then, we went back to the hotel and had an hour break before a schools workshop. I fell straight on to the bed without so much as even removing my shoes and fell into what we (Pom and I) like to call a ‘Geisha sleep’ where we lay flat without moving our heads so as not to disturb any make up or hair placements. This was effectively achieved and we bounded, like sleep deprived sprites, straight back into the chariot that awaited us and over to the newly built very lovely school where we were to run another workshop. This time there was to be no massaging. Thank you Clarey.

At this brand new, beautifully built school. we were on their huge new stage with a wonderful set and a fabulous crew, from tonight’s venue. We had sound and mics this time, which was, again, a treat. We had a wonderful audience and even a very keen fan – she was coming to see us tonight – and we sang, and taught them Salva Nos, we were princesses led by Queen Katharine and our slaves were indeed Princess Charlie and King Ben of the Bongoes and we had a very lovely time.

Then it was back to the hotel for some more sleep. Although Pom and I got caught by the Second hand store – Cheap Thrills, if you go to Fayetteville GO THERE. The purchases that were purchased are totally extraordinary, over an hour was spent amongst the rails and bargain boxes and so much joy was had, and subsequently HAS been had by the select few items we chose to buy in this fabulous place.

We ran back, still in our red dresses, to the hotel, flung our many bags down and threw ourselves into the sleepy void for a good couple of hours.

We were then taken, by our lovely host Valerie, to the venue……amazing venue, we got our own green flask drinking vessel things. We were SO excited. Hard to explain why as we genuinely do not know why we were so excited by these drinking apparatus but there we go. VERY excellent dressing room with a rug and a SOFA.


Wee break between sound check and the pre show ‘creative conversation’ with members of the audience, so we visited the best second hand bookshop that I think exsists! Like a scene out of Ghostbusters there were aisle after aisle of singular second hand books. And I mean aisle after aisle. Miles deep it felt. Then I realised my friends music shop was not too far away so Pom accompanied me to May Bells music shop to see an old chum, from the ‘Old Time’ scene, who I’d met in London and Wales and hadn’t seen for four years. A beautiful shop down a very creative alley filled with all the stringed American folk joy instruments of your choice. Sadly we had only a short time together but she gave me some actual English Tea (PG Tips, apparently they sell it in Walmart!) and we took some pics and off we ran to get ready for the pre show talk. So good to see you Allison 🙂 and how amazing to come and see you in your actual shop! In Fayetteville! Hundreds and hundreds of miles away from where we met! Uncanny and amazing.



Food in the mouth (delicious too), make up on, dress on, questions read and partially answered in our minds – tick. And we were ushered out on to the stage by the most wonderful woman, a strong and softly spoken leader, and I am so annoyed at myself for – right now so many miles away and so many hours having passed, that I cannot recall, but she was like liquid gold. Anyway, she led the sessions with her amazing voice and we sat and answered and were, ‘in conversation’ with the audience. When the time was up and we had managed to get Charlie involved, we had to run off so that they could get the theatre opened and we could begin.

I do believe there were 1200 in to see us this night. Our last gig. And what a truly excellent time we had there at the Walton Arts Center and what a fabulous audience and how we are and were so sad that we have to end this tour.

With a funny feeling we got back in to our dressing room knowing that that was the last show, it was a bit of a – have to say it again- whirlwind of a day with so many
Engagements that we were finding it hard to stop and take it all in and realise that this was the last show. But, relentless as this tour has been and how it shall follow we boarded the bus of joy and sat for two hours as we headed towards – I have no idea where we were going….was it Oklahoma?

Bye bye Fayetteville we all loved you A LOT THANKYOU Waltons Arts Center. X


One thought on “Day 14, Two tellies, the children, the lecture, 1200 people and a wee visit to the second hand store

  1. Thank you for accepting my FB friend request. LOVED reading your Fayetteville experience. Here’s mine: Years ago, a rather masculine looking woman at a record shop heard my request for old, really old, choral Christmas music and turned me on to The Mediaeval Baebes. I had just started a new job. Lo, these many years later, I am at the same job, sending my colleagues MB English tour schedules when they’re published with threats/suggestions we all go.

    Alas, traveling from the West Coast of North America to England takes much time & money, though I manage it every 18 months or so. I simply haven’t been able to coordinate my English cathedral schedule with MB’s.

    Dreadful hot summer in Oregon and I see the MB US tour schedule (Florida, Mississippi, and Arkansas??). I have a personal ban on Florida, Mississippi is probably too much Deep South for me, but Arkansas sounded intriguing. So I sent a text to my genius but reclusive brother, “Wanna go to Arkansas in December?” (I dragged him with me to England once, too, but that’s another story).

    I wanted to get back to our hotel before the show but there was time for another visit to the bookshop on our way there. We were getting ready to make our purchases and leave when three attractive women with British accents came in. Yes, that was me, making the jerking motions with my head to my brother, my face in furious contortion. I was not having a seizure, I was trying to alert him to the obvious: Arkansas, British women, theatre across the street. Duh. He later said, “I don’t know that they were Medieval, but they were babes.”

    The show was better then I’d anticipated: The presentation was cohesive and seamless and there were some sublime, even transcendent moments: The delivery of “In Dulce Jubilo” (and others) was flawless and spine-tingling & the people around me also noticed. I asked the woman next to me if she was a fan. She said, “I never heard of them when I bought the ticket, but I’m a fan now!”

    I had a heated argument in York with said brother over what exactly a hurdy-gurdy looks like. I won then & I won in Fayetteville. Thank you very much. 😉

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