day 15, drive, H -Town and Interview

Stopped at the weird dark Mexican restaraunt en route, before we hit LadyLove town.




Texas is amazing. We are so lucky that we get to drive thorough all these States. So full after dinner. I felt as though I would not be hungry for at least two days, but as Katharine often says – hunger returns.

We reached our destination – The Days Inn on the outskirts of Houston with some exciting-yet-perhaps-we-should-avoid-them inhabitants. And no lights in our room. Em and I in together, we had approximately 12 mins to change ( we were everso sweaty from the van, we have arrived back into summer it would seem) And emerge looking fresh, smelling better and ready to meet St John in Houston, or H-town as they like to call it.

Drove to TV/Radio station in Central Houston, via a massive traffic jam. Met with the lovely St John, changed in the toilets and sang Auld Langs Syne, Gaudete and ding dong, very amusing with musicians sat opposite us and not behind us. Filmed and sang and interviewed, hoping not ALL content was recorded, we were, after all, full to brimming with ‘van time’ and slight delirium. Then off to the Olive Branch near our motel. Beer and deep fried Parmesan lasagna covered in Parmesan breadcrumbs and with more Parmesan on top. Soup was nice though. Too full, once again, alas cannot seem to avoid filling up to the brim with salty foods here.

And that, my friends was day 15.

This is the interview……..


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