I found this

This is a post that I have just seen, hiding in the drafts, waiting to be revealed to the world after all the blogs dried up. Life suddenly kicked back in on our return and Christmas happened and then it was winter, darker and colder – especially due to now living in a small wooden boat. And now it is SUMMER and we have JOUST coming up and so many things have happened in between all this. But here is the last days post of our tour last year!

Erm, having read it I think this has already been posted, but it was worth posting again so that you could note that sometimes you can have a salad inside a bowl made out of a pizza base. Mmmmmm.

This day we drove a really long way. Van time was had in abundance.

Not a lot happened.

Ben cleaned the windscreen, and Maurice filled the tyres with air.


We found a Ruby Tuesday to eat in. We were served by Johnny. He used to be in the army. Clarey spilt my strawberry lemonade over me and my iPad and into my bag. I was tired and emotional, but it was ok because I didn’t want the drink anyway. It had so much sugar in it that it immediately gave me a headache. Johnny gave me another one in a take away cup, I felt bad because I didn’t want it. I had a massive chocolate cake, it went all over my face.



We got to the hotel late and had a really awful pizza. Emily thought she had ordered pasta, but it arrived inside a bowl made of deep pan pizza base, she was not impressed.

We listened to Ralph Stanley and varieties of Country music. One by one we went to bed. Emily and I watched the Kardashians on TV.

That was the day. America is vast. Oh and we gained an hour, by driving. Amazing.






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