We have arrived! Hello again big friend America

So apparently the Pope was keen to hang out with the Baebes so he ventured here ahead of us, however he always seems to forget that he has ALOT of fans himself, and thus we were a little delayed in getting through immigration and customs, THREE hours in fact, but we’ll mention it to him so next time he remembers. So, after said hours of queuing and sweating (I thought our American friends were well keen on air con but apparently not in the holding pen for mere visitors), and then some more hours waiting, but outside in the extremely welcome sunshine this time, we finally found our chariot, helmed by the mighty Maurice and off we woooshed into the fading sunlight. Strangley the tour bus is an exact replica of last years and we all assumed the same seating positions which was both comforting and also petrifying as it felt a bit like we’d not left, and had indeed been Groundhog Day-ed for the last 10 months. But we are very happy to be here and So looking forward to seeing all our glorious American compadres over the next 8 days.
Here’s to you Maryland attendees, we’ll be seeing y’all tomorrow.
Also I’m very relived that there is still an abundance of powdered egg in the breakfast buffet, if indeed it is not powdered egg then please do feel free to correct me, but I am pretty sure that there are not enough eggs In the world to make THAT much egg in the morning, every morning, for this many people.


One thought on “We have arrived! Hello again big friend America

  1. We should have told Em that they only allow a certain number of bottles of wine per passenger. That’s what caused the customs hold-up, isn’t it? 😉

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