Day one, sound check day.

And we slept, we kept it at bay until actual nighttime and we snoozed ourselves happily and very comfotably courtesy of twin double bed rooms, we slept all the way In to our first full day of America. A leisurely morning was had, well I say that, a run was had, a mall adventure was experienced and a blog was written…hold on that was yesterday, no I’m writing about yesterday today. I’m tired.
Off we popped in our horse and cart to Maryland for the epic sound check. And how funny it is to be somewhere so brilliantly familiar but all the way over a massive ocean. We love our little explorations of Maryland Renaissance Fayre when it is all quiet and closed. Carolyn met us and we saw THE GOBLETS which are awesome this year. Orange, that’s all I’m going to say, and they match Clareys nailvarnish, so some mild squeeling was expelled from her fine fairy not orange mouth. And then we endured the hours of setting up and endless banging of the drums to get the right ‘levels’ and so on and on and on it went. At 1.30 we wanted to go to sleep but the topsy turvey time difference meant we had to power on through and so after sound check we quelled the fatigue with a spot of retail therapy, Charlie even purchased an item from TJ (yes J) Maxx. (Sophie informed me it was named thus because there where two brothers ‘Thomas John’ and ‘Thomas Kenny’ and one lived in America and one lived in the UK and they decided to open up respective stores. There could be no possible other explanation clearly).

(I’m so getting my hands on one of these tomorrow)

All we want to do when we are here is go to ‘Chijis’, we call it Chillis but noticeably there is a J there in place of a double LL, what’s going on? Thrilling as that morsel of information is, we went and devoured a lot of tex-mex delicious-ness anyway AND treated ourselves to a massive Patron Marghertia (it comes in a huge shaker and is a much larger cocktail than any artis-anal ‘cockspert’ in London can produce). Oh, hold on, what did I just create there? Merely by innocently combining the concept of a ‘cocktail maker’ with the term ‘expert’ I have inadvertently made a word that could be misconstrued. I imagine if Maurice was proof reading this he’d make me omit this entire section, but he’s not and anyway – its not the mouth/typing hand it comes out of, it’s the mind it goes into. So wrist slaps ahoy.

(Poems one was also gargantuan)

Anyway, we all had our respective fills and slowly and a little more roundly wobbled back home and tried with all our might to stay awake until past 11, but not even ‘Twilight Zone, The Movie’ could not keep the slumber at bay for Kat and I. Zzzzzzz here we come Saturday.

(The boys, they don’t do much)


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