Hello Baltimore

Today is Monday! We had a little bit of leisure time before piling into the van and heading for the city of Baltimore. The necessary trip to CVS occurred, the first one of the trip. Rare. And then we scouted out Whole Foods store. The girls all love this excursion however I tend to find it a little unnerving and a little too overwhelming, but I was happy to purchase a hardcore hand cream (my boaty home ropes have been chaffing my palms) and some nice sandalwood scents. Both things made me extremely happy and a joyous ride to The big B was had by all. 
Tonight we perform our first full show in the States and it is back to the usual set list, so some swotting was had during VT (in an effort to inject a little essence of our dearly missed dear heart Kavus, we’ve taken to ‘initialising’ most things, popular ones usually involve bodily functions and for the ‘subscribers’ blog only, which currently still does not exist ;)). VT = Van Time.
We arrived at our mid city hotel and are extremely satisfied with our temporary abodes for the next three nights. I have the pleasure of sharing with Emily, and her germs – she’s rather full of cold right now – and we have an entirely marble bathroom with a fabulous view of the monument from our very own toilet seat. 

Day AND Eve view

The boys are adjacent to us with those internal connecting doors and they have a dining room table amongst their comfortable double beds. Nice. Maurice handed me a copy of what is Baltimore’s equivalent of ‘Time Out’ which has an article on the most recent homicides in the city. Suddenly our jubilance was a little stifled and an eery quiet descended over the lavish and luxurious waiting room next to the lobby, nevertheless it’s a beautiful city and we’re glad to be here.
We left the hotel after a little bit of wifi time and lying down in our almost presidential suite-esque beds and off we went. St Marks Church, Rockville MD was our show home this evening, we arrived rather early but we found ourselves various activities to while away the hours. Mainly the girls played the grand piano that we had in our dressing room, however when they started to rock out the hymns, myself, Pom and Em headed to the secret QR -Quiet Room, this was a comfortable room with little light and a few lovely sofas. Of course we have no particular issue with hymns but Sophie, Anna and Clarey were going for it in a way that was filled with SO much enthusiasm that they managed to move bodies into another room.


Sound check was very pleasing as the acoustics of the hall at St Marks were extraordinary and we just wanted to sing and sing, but we had to get ourselves ready for the gig. And so piano time was had, a WT – walk through – was executed, sound check was completed, Chinese food was ordered, make up was applied and boom, suddenly it was showtime. Pre show Clarey and I bumped into the lovely Bruce – Giver of the finest chocolate, Godiva…….Last time we were treated many times at each gig, the outpourings of chocolate goodness from Bruce were unending and, as you can imagine, we were thrilled to see that this was still in full flow. Bruce – Rocket scientist – Chocolate fan. Thank you.


We had a lovely show EVEN THOUGH the knob of the hurdy fell off AGAIN!!!! What is going on???? This was a little distracting indeed but I trucked on through and we discovered that Ecce Mundi Gaudium actually sounded quite good without it! Alas, being the player of said hurdy also meant that I have never fully learnt the movement to either Ecce or Adam Lay, and so a stoic ‘still stand position’, SSP, was assumed and there I stayed unflinchingly right up until the necessary jiggling was to be had. Strange that this should happen considering I’m actually the movement director and choreographer, but hey, those ones remain from previous creators and the hurdy always stopped me from executing said moves, nevertheless a lesson was learnt and full swotting up is about to happen when I finish writing this. Just in case.
After the show we met with our trusty friends from Maryland who had ventured out to Rockville to see our full show, and we were again happy to share some time with everyone after the show. Keith even bought my album! A project collaboration from a couple of years ago – and he’s since messaged me saying he even enjoyed it! Hurrraaah, thank you Keith and lovely lady wife.
And so we packed up and headed back to the hotel. It’s mugggggy here, so very muggy. Maurice decided that he’d host a small casual social gathering involving White Russians, but unlike most years this was a short lived and a reasonably uneventful event, apart from when I got my head stuck under Kats skirt after helping her change the lightbulb, long and Not interesting story. Emily decided to stay at ours and have a JACUZZI! We have jacuzzi baths, well only some of us. I’m going to have one later.
And now it is the next day. The website is having a bit of a mediaeval meltdown, typically when everyone is wishing to pre order the DVD, but I guess that is a case of – Thems the breaks – literally. Anyway much telephoning and emailing is underway so hopefully it won’t be gone for too long.
Right, am off to soundcheck and I’ll fill you in tomorrow about today. Have a lovely, what day is it today? tUesday…have a lovely Tuesday eve y’all.


One thought on “Hello Baltimore

  1. I liked it very much! Both of us did. And Pom’s album too. Though, speaking of gifts, I did realize on the way home last night that I was going to bring you a few bottles of Maryland wine that I promised you last night. My apologies on that. Next year (because faire isn’t the same without you lot here), I’ll be sure to get them to you. I feel that I am now sorely lacking in my devotion to the band but I promise to make it right on the next tour. If you’ll have me, of course. 🙂

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