Sellersville thank you.

Yesterday! Well a lot of VT was had -Van time and oh how it rained we drove through what can only be described as a monsoon and it stayed like that for almost the entire three hours. Each way. Amaze. And yet dangerous. Oh the thrill-ish.

Sellersville Theater is our next stop and what a beautiful building! And as with most buildings of its kind it has had a very wonderful history. We were settled into the green room which was covered in all visiting bands set lists all over the wall and we even managed to scope out our own from 2011.

Today I discovered that you can get a Reeses peanut butter doughnut/square from Dunkin Doughnuts, but alas travel sickness had invaded my system so not one single tiny part of me felt the need to purchase such an item but I do hope that I get spot find one again before we depart. Instead I went for a large, singularly package pickle, but after Emily told me it had anti freeze in the juice I decided to pop it in the trash merely one mouthful later.


Our Theater as mentioned is beautiful and we were very well treated and were made extremely comfortable and welcomed. We were given crudités and dip and chocolates and then fed a wonderful home cooked hot buffet pre show right in the theatre itself.
The show was a joy to perform and we are really loving the flow of our set, such a shame that we don’t get to perform it as many times here as we’d like.

Afterward we met a wonderful stream of our audience and AND we were treated to some delicious chocolate drops from our friend John, thank you John and I do hope you enjoyed the album too!
And then it was time to load up the van and drive Allllll the way back to Baltimore. So very odd to be SO hot and muggy AND raining at the same time, it’s like being inside the humidity dome at the Eden project all the time. And it is weird that I cannot recall ever being enveloped in such warmth back in the UK, it is like a filmy moist cuddle on your skin everytime one steps out of the air con. Amazing, and also quite tiring.
Back to the hotel and immediate and heavy sleeps were experienced all round. One sleep left in this fair country. Never ye worry we WILL be back. We have dreams of bringing all the families and having a convoy of RV’s and do a full year. imagine!!!! We would LOvE that X


2 thoughts on “Sellersville thank you.

  1. Josephine – I was at the Sellersville Theatre on Tuesday night. You ladies were unbelievable! I have loved the group for years but never had a chance to see you. I only found out by a chance of fate that you would be performing at Sellersville and I bought the tickets a minute later. I can’t be happier that I did. You were everything that I expected and much more. Better live than on recordings. Your voices are like angels’, the harmonies were exquisite and the instruments were just as amazing (not just the recorders, violins and your hurdy gurdy, but the percussion, guitar and oud and Anna’s spectacular artistry as well). Your dance was a wonderful addition and very much appreciated.Thank you, and please thank the rest of the group for me, for bringing such joy to the world with your music. And please tell Kathryn I think she is one of the world’s musical geniuses for putting the whole thing together and keeping it going for decades. Looking forward to the next time. – Marvin

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