Oh dear, we have to go home.

Pom and Clarey have decided to start up a new band, they are both Japanese culture enthusiasts and so they have named themselves ‘Dirty Kimono’, Clarey is DJ Kimono, and Pom is MC Geisha. There will be electro haiku’s. My new band is called ‘Ridiculous Rubicon’. We have also started to re-enjoy ‘I spy with my third eye’, during this game we imagine ourselves to be in what we like to call a ‘hippy shop’ (most of us spend more time in these than the average person). And we have to guess what one is seeing inside the aforementioned shop. As you can tell, on this day we have endure A LOT of waiting time, but it was well worth it in the end. 
The day started in Baltimore and with a healthy jaunt up to the nearby cafe ‘Milk and Honey’, a nice place but I never quite attain total satisfaction from the food there, but everyone else seems to enjoy MandH time. Then we decided we’d go in search of a thrift store, so I managed to get online and find one. It’s always very exotic when one opens up google maps and there are all these grid like maps of cities that aren’t London. This thrills me immensely. I took this picture to send to Clarey as we wanted to get going and they’d ordered some drinks but for some reason the allocated chunk of time betwixt the ordering of the thing and the actual getting of the thing seems to disappear into some mystical void in this cafe. Frustration had kicked in, but it was ok because somehow someone managed to faff about for the right amount of time and suddenly we were with the ordered things and could all galavant off together.

It turns out that the thrift store did not exist BUT we did find the harbour and we found an ENORMoUS Barnes and Noble bookstore, we all piled in excitedly and gave ourselves a sensible amount of perusal time. Then it rained. And it didn’t really stop raining for ages, so we looked at a big submarine for a few minutes whilst jumping on to the free aquarium wifi – they pump out a lovely tune from hidden speakers amongst the undergrowth of the stylishly developed area by the harbour, soothing and almost making it ok to be so rained upon. Then we uber-ed. wow, you can actually just Uber anywhere. I know that Uber-Ing is frowned upon by many but in this instance it was an excellent option suggested by Clarey, she doesn’t like to get wet, her fairy wings start to clog together.


Ah yes, and so we had to rehearse in the big room 408. Tonight we have a showcase with our touring agent, we get to perform in front of various bookers, so exciting times as we may get to spread our wings further across the Satets and come and see you ALL! So we had to assemble a 30 min set covering our various different elements. Christmas was also touched upon and it reminded us of how excited we are to be touring the Cathedrals again this Christmas. We loved our show last year, and so happy to be resurrecting it.
After rehearsal we went to the venue. Now this place is called ‘The Rusty Scupper’ and it’s like a filmic dream place. All glass and right on the edge of the harbour and very glam and how I imagine all eateries in the Hamptons are like. VERY satisfying indeed. Not so satisfying that we arrived three hours before soundcheck, but we used the time well…..we got our gear in, set up and then found a flight of carpeted stairs and began to play ‘I spy with my third eye’. We managed to fill almost TWO hours. We could’ve gone on a discovery mission but the possibility of us getting lost and rained on was not really an option. Pom was the first to the bar to order some food, then one by one we all joined her. Clarey and I shared a delicious, and I cannot express just HOW delicious these deep fried coconut shrimps were, but they were figuratively the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten. Food bar level just been hoiked up by about a mile. A bit more standing and being restless happened and then we were on, soundcheck was all good in our glamorous venue overlooking the gorgeous harbour of Baltimore then we were whisked away to the duty managers office to change and get our faces ready. Now, I’ve always said I’d happily sacrifice the size of the dressing room for the size of the stage, small DR, big stage. But alas, our hearty and delicious venue sported both small stage and TINY dressing room/managers office. But we were welcomed and cared for so beautifully that none of this was at all an issue and we crammed ourselves in and amongst various limbs, headdresses, mediaeval belts and rogue jets of hairspray we got ourselves into our red dresses and before we knew it it was time to go on.

The show was a joy to perform and very interesting to be watched by potential bookers. But we had a blast and we hope they enjoyed us too! All of the serving staff were extremely complimentary and wanted to get our details and albums and that was so awesome because they loved it so much! Love that. Then we watched the awesome ‘Sons of Serendip’ they came 4th in Americas Got Talent two seasons ago and have had a very successful year off the back of it. Popular contemporary songs but arranged with classical musical instruments and all classical musicians (obviously). The Slocan Ramblers, a bluegrass band were on after that, and as you can imagine I found it very hard to keep my fast tapping feet still whilst listening to them, so I took myself off to a quiet corner and had a good old clog where no one would be too disturbed, although there was a table of gentlemen who witnessed me, but it was all thumbs up so I was relieved!


In between sets we chatted with everyone and ate some delicious food and floated about in our dresses and were shown to the wine area, of which we enjoyed, natch. After all this occurred we took ourselves happily and with little jolly and red faces back to the hotel. Much umming and ahhing was had as to what we should do, however we got a tip off that the bluegrass boys were two blocks away in a bar so we went off en mass to find them. Alas, we English forget that it is oft customary to be asked for ID upon entry to such a place as this, where alcohol is sold, and alas Kat was a little light in the old ID dept on this particular occasion and so Maurice, who was visibly shaken when asked for his ID too, popped in, did a quick sweep of the place but didn’t find the band so we all left and found ourselves in the ‘Grand Central’. There is no cocktail menu here, you just have to know what you want and they’ll do it for you. Easy. One dry martini for me please, and off we went crusading on far into the night, dancing was had, then we saw a couple of guys from the Sons of Serendip who came to join the party. Many DAM’s were had (deep and meaninfuls). I started teaching various people how to lindyhop assuming the men’s side when teaching Pom. We met a chap called Taylor who wanted to take us to his Mediavel air bandb house, he was a super chap and a fan too, turns out. But we decided -when the bar finally closed and several cocktails were purchased and devoured – that we would head back to the hotel. 


That is that. I have a little bit of a headache today and Emily and I managed to get our check out time extended by a Much needed hour. Thank you staff of the best hotel in Baltimore.
This hotel is actually the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in. Frank Sinatra is consistently pumped out of the surround sound sound system, there are chandeliers, swooping luscious staircases, marble WALLS and marbles floors, fabulous bell hops, excellent staff, extremely helpful chamber maids, sexy little elevators all Art Deco and snug, awesome ‘Shining’ (but nowhere near as creepy just excellently stylised) corridors. Massive comfy beds and just brilliant views – as previously mentioned – from the toilet.

Today we have to leave. Joe, Ben, Em and I walked, with the rain in our faces (turns out to be not a bad remedy for a ‘tired morning headache’) to the harbour again and this time experienced the delights of the Hard Rock Cafe. I’ve actually never been in one before, so where else to go to a HRC than in actual America? Delicious hydration occurred AnD we get to keep the moonshine style glass jar (recall if you will the extraordinary plastic lidded Elvis with stem drinking vessel that I bought last year, I just LOVE a vessel with a lid), obviously I was more thrilled than Emily, she was still mildly thrilled but also has a worse headache than I, so she’s not experiencing too much thrill-ness today sadly. Another visit to the bookshop, more rain, another uber and rendezvous back at hotel HQ and here we are, right now, in the van on the way to the airport a few hours away. Sleeping is the main activity today, although a short game of ‘I Spy’ started the journey off and exhausted everyone duly.

(Don’t worry, I absolutely did have everyone’s permission to take this photograph, #notbutdonttellanyone).
I’m going to join them now and sign off and say ‘ta ra’ to you all now. It’s been another awesome joy being here, performing to all of our wonderful fans and every audience was just as wonderful and the next. We SO love being here and I’m very sad to be leaving (if the hurricane hits then we might not be leaving but in the interim I’m assuming and actually hoping that we’ll not be hindered by the wind gods). Clarey and I are hanging out for an Auntie Anne’s Pretzl, the warm one with the cinnamon on. We always get one on the last day. And she’s going to go off and have her own American adventure which is super exciting, and we’re off home to see our very much missed loved ones. And I have the additional excitement of enjoying my brand new BIGGER boat home. And hopefully have a conversation about getting a dog too. We shall see. And of course start getting the Christmas show on its feet. So excited.

For now, thank you SO MUCH America, you make all the good dreams come true.
Oh by the way, after two days of searching for a thrift store we finally found one, one block away from the hotel but we were zooming past in the uber and had 5 mins to get back to the hotel before we had to leave. C’est all vie.

And remember………….



One thought on “Oh dear, we have to go home.

  1. While I am sad to see you go, I am also extremely happy that you all appeared to have a wonderful trip this time around. The Rusty Scupper is a terrific place and I’m glad that you got a chance to see so much of the inner harbor. One warning though, since I know you lot are keen to jump into strange waters while over here… with the Baltimore Harbor… don’t. do. it. ever.

    So, safe journey back. You’re in the air right now, I think, being whisked back to your lives on the other side side of the pond. Next year, I keep telling myself, isn’t that long. And I promise, drinks and frozen bananas will be on the menu for your next trip over to my side of the world.

    Best wishes… and keep this blog going so that we know what you all are up to!

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