October – We wait for Winter tour

Well, how fabulous to be back but we were all very sad to have to leave our tour after only a few days! We would love to come back for longer and see you all……..In the meantime, the cold has set in here in London town…The boats are stocked with wood and coal and many a cosy fire has been had afloat the canal as well as in Emilys Pub and all the other abodes that allow wood fires (strange ban here in England where only in certain boroughs of the city is it allowed – always on the canal, although saying that, our mediaeval style of central heating is only allowed between certain hours on a small stretch of the canal in Angel Islington – nb that bit of info may not light all your fires – see what I did there).

We have very exciting times coming up, with the edit of our Berkeley Castle gig for the dvd, SO excited about seeing that as I have never seen the entire show live on camera before!

Clarey has touched back down on UK soil after a little magical Mediaeval time in the West coast of the States and preparations are all ready for our Christmas Sacred Spaces tour. Tickets for London are going like hot cakes. I can smell the mulled wine already – maybe because I’ve popped some on the stove (actually I haven’t because I ran out of gas today, eek).

So we are incoming with our show BACK on UK soil, we missed it last year, BUT we were in the States experiencing a summer Christmas in Miami and other VERY warm states in the US. How odd, and how odd to have hot Christmasses and yet have seasonal greetings cards depicting snow and robins and the entire arsenal of cold associated Christmas times….But all sun is good sun. However we will be back in our Cathedral homes and cannot wait. We shall be seeing each other again on Wednesday and it has already been TOO long. There is always a great dip of emotion when we have to leave each other after our special times together in America, and so we all felt it again with great heaviness this time in particular because we had a very nice time, BUT we will all be back together SO SOON. Can’t wait 🙂 x


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