DVD is incoming!

So so excited about the mail outs for the DVD.  It’s all happening, the engine is a rolling and now we are headlong into the cosy dark times of Christmas (well, I say that but I’m currently sat by a pool in LA but I’m headed home soon so will be a fabulous shock to the system).

We’re also gearing up for out ‘Sacred Spaces’ tour and I’m especially looking forward to our Brighton show on the 10th as I’ve never performed at St George’s before, and I’ve heard it is a wonderful space to sing in. And Brighton at Christmas is dreamy so we’ll get there nice and early and have a snugly wrapped up wander down to the pebbly beach – and probably turn round immediately because of the 39 mile an hour headlong winds, but hey, we’ll give it a go.

Tread thee well dear friends until we get to come and see you in our special locations in just a couple of weeks!!! UK it’s been too long since we sang here at Christmas time. Maybe we should work out a way to live stream these babies to y’all in the States….I say that but what with being immersed in Mediaeval times my concept of such a thing as ‘live streaming’ is a little vague/hazy/extremely limited. But we can but dream.


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