Day 12. Thats all folks.

Many months ago we arrived on the fair (giant) isle. Much fun has been had and many a van trips have been endured. New York seems like it was 6 months ago now and I can barely remember the smelly hotel. We’ve been busy little Baebes beavering away at our job and now the last show is to be performed, tonight, in Rockville. Does it Rock in Rockville? We shall see (actually I already know the answer, no, but it is a very beautiful church and they order us in a totally badass Chinese dinner so it doesn’t matter if Rockville Rocks or not).

I am writing this as we sit in the van en route to Newark airport. I have to get this finished because I plan to sleep on the plane to try and reacclimatise to the time difference at home as I have a VERY active little nearly Two year old waiting for me and there is NO rest for the mother of a toddler, with or without excessive jet lag, AND there will be no time for me to write up the remaining days of our trip once he gets his little yoghurt smelling hands on me.

For some unknown reason we left the hotel much earlier than we needed to. And so we were in Rockville within a matter of half an hour, and, as mentioned, there isn’t a huge amount to be getting on with in Rockville. Of course there was the usual getting everything out of the van and into the venue, but that didn’t take long, the we had to wait a while for the soundcheck because the PA wasn’t arriving until 3.45. So we waited, because we were SO early.

We played the fall back ‘I spy with my third eye’ game (if you’re not familiar with my blog then I’ll explain. This game takes on the same format as ‘I Spy’ but in this version you have to imagine that you are standing inside a ‘hippy shop’. So usual offerings are along the lines of ‘I Spy with my third eye something beginning with ‘MB’, which is of course. ‘mirrored bag’. And so on).

That happened for about 35 mins and then I offered out some Supermans. Sophierce, Charlie and Anna took me up on the offer and happily spent some time balancing on my feet in suspended in the air in a flying position. Then we did the Electric Slide for a bit and by this time we were ready for soundcheck. Hurraayyy.

It’s a well oiled machine now and Dash the sound man is nailing it, so we don’t spend the usual several hours bemoaning the monitor balance etc etc etc. Even the hurdy gurdy sounds good (when it’s not in our monitors).

A lot of the audience had already arrived and we were making a lot of comments about how they seemed to be arriving early and how eager they were. Then I joked for a while about how funny it would be if actually they weren’t early but indeed on time because wouldn’t it be funny if it was actually ‘doors’ at 7pm and showtime at 7.30 instead of doors at 7.30 and showtime at 8. Ha ah ah wouldn’t that be funny as we were halfway through our massive and delicious helpings of aforementioned awesome Chinese take away dinner. It was funny up until the moment I was chatting with David the main man at the venue who suddenly mentioned – at 7.16 – how they like to do a hard 7.30 start. Ha ha ha ha yeah yeah.
‘No, seriously’
‘What? What time is the show?’
‘Oh my god’
‘Hmm, sounds like you should be having a word with your tour manager’…………actually I didn’t even hear the rest of that sentence because we had run away by then in a mad panic to get our makeup on/hair done/dresses on/show pants on etc etc. So, it was a little bit rushed after spending HOURS there beforehand with very little to do. Oh how life provides the balance in all the right places.

The show was great fun and it was our last of the tour – not to be mistaken for our last EVER show, which some people, I believe, mistook it for. Then we met our dear friends again, so many returning even after seeing us just this weekend. We received MORE chocolate duds and our dear friend known to us as ‘Godiva Man’ delivered us a beautiful box of Godiva chocolate goodies, that were almost all consumed while we were at the signing table. Thank you again you lovely gift givers.

Then it was time to leave. Thank you again Rockville and our dedicated fans from this side of the U.S. We never forget your lovely faces and kindness.

And off we drive into the night. Oh yes, this was a trip that involved Anna’s single round of wine tasting because earlier in the day we had discovered that two of the bottles of wine from the gift case had been hiding in our room and hadn’t been part of the previous two days wine tasting game. So we had bought them along with us for our final post show game of ‘Wine Tasting’. Again Anna stunned us with her wine discerning sensibilities and skill and she cemented her role as official wine taster.

Back at the hotel we finished off all the consumables that we didn’t need to take home with us and once again the Ab Fab room hosted the party. I met a chap outside who rapped at me for what seemed like 25 minutes. But I was keen to get back to the party to say a farewell to Maurice.

You see, he’s leaving us.

We don’t know what to do.

So there were some tears amidst the joy. At that moment mostly tears.

Then when he had gone I decreed that sleeping should commence, and it did, we all beded down in our respective beds and that, my friends, was that.

Thank you America, you gargantuan beast of brilliance. We LOVE coming to the U.S and experiencing life ever so differently to our normal reality. The supermarkets are so much more enormous than ours, there are entire aisle dedicated to dipping sauces and the aisles go on for miles. There is an unimaginable amount of sugar in everything. How you’re not all bouncing off the walls 24/7 amazes me. The scenery takes up even more room in ones eyes than anything in our tiny land. We love you America and everyone of our loyal fans.

Until next time. X

1 thought on “Day 12. Thats all folks.

  1. The show time snafu is hilarious. It was funny being able to watch you all wolf down the munchies through the church’s kitchen “window.” Now I know why you all were eating so close to show time. It was a great evening and very well attended. David E. of IMT said over 100 people. Hope you all will be back soon!

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